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Barry Brewer | Average to Savage EP39


This is the thirty-ninth episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring comedian/actor Barry Brewer. Paul Guarino talked with Barry Brewer discussing his life growing up in Chicago, why he became a comedian/actor, and his new stand up special Chicago I'm Home. Follow Barry Brewer https://www.instagram.com/BarryBrewerJr https://twitter.com/ComedianBarryB https://www.facebook.com/BarryBrewerJr Powered by PG Sports Music https://www.pg-sports.com/

This is the average to savage podcast with Paul Greno, everyone in anyone, athletes, sueps and much more. To up everybody and back for another episode of the average, average podcast. Our special guests today is comedian Barry Brewer. Barry, how's it going going? Good, man, for you? Good, good, good. Let's just jump right into it. Could you give us a little brief summary About Yourself? Well, almost end up comics actor from actually just got done doing my Chicago screening of my special last night, so I'm in my home's own as we speak. Brought the city out to one of the schools that donating a percentage of proceeds to Diet High School for the Performing Arts. I had to screen there for the community. Man, it was dope. So I'm here at home, but I'm stand up comedian actor from Chicago. Man, been going after it for about fifteen years now. My baby special just dropped and excited about that and I got a few things going on, you know. So this kind of a very quick version of the back story. Yeah, for sure. Now I want to jump into a little more details, like what was it like growing up in Chicago? Man, it was still fun, you know. I talked about it on my special. Actually it's just about when your poor, you don't really look at it as poor because you have nothing to reference it to, you know, and so you're just made the best of what you had. Man. So, you know, a decent childhood, you know. I mean I always looked at other people's lives as better, but it was growing up on the south side. You have to fight your way and it's a lot of fights, but they just thought that was normal. And you know, the cold weather. It's different living in la now remember how I grew up, like you. was just a way of life. So, but I had a decent childhood. Man on the south side, growing up, making the best out of what we had. Yeah, and what made you want to become a comedian? I love to laugh, you know what I mean? I really love to laugh. It was something I always admired Martin Lawrence when I was younger. So when I got a little old, I was about nineteen, I was just always make people laughing. This guy suggested that I do comedy. I was like really, he's like, man, you really funny, and so I put my little kid together that I thought would be funny and I got to stand in ovation. So it was kind of just loving to last and loving, you know, comedy in general. That brought me to comedy. What year was that when you first was that your first? Sure are. You just said you just got up and there like one joke. You know, I did a sketch, a whole skin. I was nineteen. What year is that? So I think that was two thousand and two, okay, and then you just fell in love with it. Oh man, instantly I caught, I say, I found something I didn't know I was looking for, you know. I mean, you know, we u nineteen trying to see what you want to do in life. I was taking some classes at a junior college, trying to you know, because I was on my own very early on in my life. So, you know, trying to see what will be sustainable, you know, like how can I sustain myself financially? But once I can stand up, I was just all, man, this is what I want to do. So I start really, you know, investing myself into it. Just died then like as much as I could get up in Chicago, I would just get up and then after two years, aging stand up in Chicago. So I mean, I want to do television and feature films. So I moved to La when I was twenty one. So what was that like? Moving to La your twenty one? You're trying to get into the acting world, comedian world, like, how do you talk about it? It was a whole new world, you know, man, being a young man, you know, trying to sustain yourself. The transition from Chicago to La was culture shop, you know, because you know, growing up on the south side, all around all black people and you not not a lot of other different, you know, races. So come to la it's like a Melton Pot, you know, and it's just a different world. So that was definitely just different for me and trying to sustain myself and, you know, network and just learning. But it was a good transition. I tried to transfer and go to a junior college just to have something, you know. I think that was stable. And after the first semester the theater teacher says,...

...man, you don't need to be here, just go after it. You know it's not going to help you. And so, Um man, just start audition and going on Craigsliz looking for different opportunities. Anybody would give me audition opportunity getting it, going to the comedy clubs asking to get up. I actually became a parking lot attended at a comedy club to get up at the Comedy Club, you know I mean, yeah, at the Comedy Union where I hold my own show now there on Friday night in Los Angeles. So yeah, man, it was a it was definitely a lot of scratching and trying to put things together at twenty one because, you know, I read a lot of people story before I moved, you know, like Martin Lawrence and Jamie Fox and Chris Tucker and how they all went to La and they got discovered. Perform me in La Because I oh cast. So I got to do because I got some specials finding to go to La and I'm gonna get discovered, and that was the objectives. Every time I got on stage in La. I'm looking for somebody in the audience, you know, I'm kind of waiting around for somebody come give me a movie, you know, and I'll tell you. I'll tell you a funny story about that. A few years in Spike Lee was in the audience. Okay, I was at the comedy store. I performed, had a great set spike me in the audience, Spike Lee coming up to me. In my mind I had fast forward to how this is all going to work. So Spike Lee was the one to give Martin his first Derek Holly Berry, you know, you got a lot of people are first starting film. So I'm like, already planned it, this is what's going to happen. And it came to me and he's like maybe you remind me of a clean Richan prior. And he just kept walking and I was like, you know, waiting, kind of like stalking them from a distance the old night, think he was gonna, you know, like maybe he forgot to give me his number, you know, to like put me in a movie or something. Maybe he has. He's a cat. That's what it is, as I already thank you, man for the companies. Like yeah, and he kept walking and nothing happened. This is a long time ago. It's all good. That's why you move to La because and you wouldn't have the opportunities like that. Yeah, exactly what. It was a funny story that, I guess how it I thought it would happen for me. You know, it was just not ideal and every and that's something I learned too. You know, everybody has their own journey, you know what I mean, like child they get discovered, how their opportunities come, because I've seen that in my career. So so, yeah, that that, that was the journey from the transition from moving from Chicago to La Yeah, definitely. And I like how your teacher actually said to you not to stay in school because like sometimes, like nowadays, like you know, I'm sure you know, like a lot of people are going to college and now it's just like everybody has a degree. So it's like, what does it mean? Right, right, exactly, exactly, because you know people are taught, you talk to go to school and that this will help you to get opportunities in the real world. You know, and we're going in the real world is better than going into the fake college world. In my opinion, and and that's a very true fact, in a lot like the person would hire employer with higher person with experience more so than someone educated in that field. You know, I guess the education field are social discipline. I don't know, unless you're going for something specific, it doesn't really translate the real world. My life has a Ph d and it's funny she's like I got all the US case and nobody's ever in validated. She just says she has it and it does that. Nobody looks further to see if it's even realize it. So you could have saved all this time of money. Just is you exactly exactly shit. It's funny. I mean not to get off subject, but like, yeah, I went to my old college like a few weeks ago and I'm just like this is just like it's like a fantasy world. It's like not real. It's just like a four year vacation sort of. Yes, yes, you know, and people find themselves. Yeah, you know, some people fount what they wanted to do in life in college and it wasn't related to college. So, you know, for those people, you know, I think it was still a success, even if you didn't send this or if it was just you find what you wanted to do in life. Yes, you can look at it that way. And you said you started out at the place as you...

...were working valet. Yes, so yeah, like that's what people sometimes also don't get, like you got to start at the bottomers are somewhere like like I've done stuff for free. To get another point, where because I knew like if I done something for somebody, then like it'd get me to somebody else. You know, I mean you guys exactly right. That's exactly what that was doing, trying to get the opportunities to get on stage this show. This is the club that Kevin Heart was frequently performing at a lot of other Communist tiffany had is, because those are like marks. Well, not Kevin, but tiffany had is a little real. These other community they're like in my class of comics. Yeah, so we're we were all trying to get up at this particular club. You literally started outside to get inside. Yes, literally, I love it. I love it. I wrote a movie about is, called the parking lot. All right. I wrote it when I was twenty one. Produced a short film. Id have to check that one out. So I know you kind of just punch on how you broke in, but like what's been your like breakout moment? Like you're like all right, I'm like I've made it to a certain level. I think that's right now. I think you've got me right now in that moment. My debut stand up special just drop. CHICAGO. I'm home of February nineteen and it's all everywhere. You know, Amazar, prime, itunes, who who play on demand, or all cable outlets except a TNT, and so I think this is now. This is that that moment that you speaking of right now, like I'm working on a TV show that's coming out at April. I'm on the show with nest on Netflix, with Kevin Hart Skuy to black history. So it's kind of like right in this moment where it's like the defining moment, like I'm here, I'm starting to arrive to where I've always worked towards, so and it feels great, feels very rewarding. It's it's been a long journey, but I can see how it was all necessary, you know what I mean. It's really humbled me as prepared me for these moments, you know what I mean. Like I can tell how I'm glad certain things didn't happen for me early on, or I wouldn't have appreciated it to way I do now. I feel like I can handle my success more and be more influential and more effective at this at this point. Yeah, for sure. So I got you at a perfect time then, before you for your brow up and the custom and we're usually perform like your comedy shows, and is there any like venues that you really want to perform at? Definitely some things I want to perform at. I definitely want to want to perform at Madison Square Garden. I want to perform on Broadway in New York. I want to perform at the United Center in Chicago where the Bulls play, the Staples Center in Los Angeles. I'm a basketball fan, so you'll hear me is these basketball places often because it's the places I thought I would go. I thought would play basketball, so to be able to get there in a different way would definitely be meaningful to me. So regularly right now I perform in the Hollywood at the last factory, at the comedy store. I have a residency that I do every Friday at the Comedy Union, which is off a peakle on labrand Los Angeles, down from the famous rock goes kicking a waffles. Yeah, but I perform all over do all colleges all over the country, clubs everywhere. So I'm just, you know, steady traveling. I just performed the other day. I was just coming from Piedmont College. That's a little bit outside of Atlanta. And there, you know. So, yeah, everywhere. What's that like? Just like kind of like touring the US. It's fun. You get to meet people from different walks of life, so it's very interesting. You get to learn other cultures. I think that's the fun thing about it. You really get to see like, oh, wow, y'all do that or you do that, like that all out. That's important to you all. You know what I mean. Like you get to see these people from different walks of life and how they prioritize their life and what's important to them. And also you get...

...to see how much more like you are and no matter where you come from, you kind of see this commonality and everybody, you know that everybody just wants the best for themselves and their families and you can connect with other cultures that you made felt like all we're so different, you know, you kind of see how connected you are. So that's something I really appreciate it. Like sure, sure, and what's some into? I saw an article that you're raising money for Chicago School. So what brought that up? Well, man, as it comes from a place when I was younger, seeing a lot of disparity in my community, is just where my heart for my community started and I always wanted to do something, and so as I've gotten older, I always felt like you always wait till you make it to do something, but I'm like, why can I start now? So with my debut stand up special, I'm like, why not use that as a as a fundraiser to get money for the schools? And I wanted to help the inner city schools, which is the schools that needs a lot more resources. And so where my screen was at last night was one of the beneficiary so will be one of the beneficiaries of those proceeds, which is Walter a diet high school for the Performing Arts, which was a school that was shed down and reopened and it's, you know, it's all in the inner city, dealing with the community and bringing kids from that very, you know, poverished community to the school. So that's where it started. It just long time ago and this was an opportunity to do something. So that's how that was initiated. Yeah, for sure, and I know you kind of just start trying about why is it like important to you to give back to a man, because it I was once that child that was looking for a way out, because I remember when I wanted an opportunity. And then every time I come back home and I see kids and you know, you know the reputation of Chicago, it just it just pulls on my heart strings because I care so much about those people who just don't have resources and so they result to violence and other things, drugs and you know. So it pulls on my heart strings to say, what can I do to help? So that's why it's important to me, because I want to make a difference outside of just being a great en tainter. I will hope that my legacy is that lives were better because I live. So that's why this is very important to me and this is the first of many things that I want to do in my city one but even just overall, and I'm a big fan of our lead king and just changing the world in the in the most positive way possible. Definitely, what kind of much would you give to inspiring comedian rocker man? Be Authentic and your efforts, really work on your craft, really study your craft. You know and know that when you get to a level of success that it's about helping someone else get there, trying to show them the way. Those three points I would make you know, studying your craft, being, I said, in that and you know when you don't forget where you come from and try to help someone else care. And you said your comedy special just came out of Chicago. I'm coming home and I want home Chicago. I'm home. Yeah, what about? I'm talking about Lebron or something. I'm coming home. I'm a big yes. So you said it's on everywhere, like itunes. Well, yes, I'm home, Chicago. Home is on Itunes, Amazon prime, so, Google play. It's on a demand on all cable outlets, except ATNTU verse. I'm his own voodoos on xbox. It's on a lot of platforms. I ask you what happened at atnt? I don't know. They were all right, maybe not. I don't know why atnt is you know. I didn't ask the distribution company why a teen TV is not on the list, but I'm assuming we wanted to be on their list' so many is it knows. So I don't know why, but you know they're lost. No word. Yeah, and you're ready for...

...some fun questions. Yes, let's get it all right. So, if you weren't a comedian or actor, what do you think would you be doing? I think I would be a barber. All right, I think I was here because I like talking to people making a last I still would do that way and it would be something to make people feel good or something like that. Yo, that America. I don't know. That's that's what I think. Yeah, I could be a good video like you go into a barbershop and I guess, well, I mean I would say you would be the barber, but I guess you get your hair cut, then you just start telling jokes and then they're like, yeah, this guy's Hilarious, like you should be like a like a undertrover thing. I've ever seem like the Kyer in thing and he goes in as like GRANDPA and then he's like and then he's like cooking them, but he's looking old because he's like a dope cousto. Yeah, I think that's what I would do, and you know I'm all about entrepreneurship to so yeah, I definitely would be doing something like that. And what what's like one joke that you like to tell like all the time? Are you have like a favorite one? So I have a favorite joke? That's a good question. That's a great question. It isn't joke. I love to do. I haven't did it. I'm planned on doing it on my next special. It's an act out, basically on how why I can't be a hook because I'm too I care too much, right, like I have to much empathy and sympathy that I would rob somebody and totally like give them everything back and help them even more. So I do this whole act out like I couldn't be a thug and I will wrapt about, like give me your money and I'll get it. And I robbed this lady right, he has the kids. I take all her money. How I leave. I can kill you today. I'm feeling good today. Go and it leads and so on. The lady sitting there crying. I'm like, stop crying, I don't care about your tears. And I'm like why are you crying? Why? Why are you crying? Lady, Leave, why are you crying? And she's lying her life. Deal is do it. I'm like, I don't care about the light bial, but how much is it? And then she tells me it's like two hundred and seventy five dollars. Somebody what you have to sell flood to be a house? Why you? How does he? How these kids going to read? Give you two hundred and thirty five of your money back, take it and go, and so it's not. Give her a piece of that money back and then she's still crying standing there. I'm like, why are you standing? I gave you some of your money back. Used to be happy. Leave and she's crying. I'm like, why are you crying now? She's like it's her son's birthday, and so I start talking to her son. I'm like Happy Birthday. I'm like what was you going to get him? She's House and get him some Jordan's. He really going to Jordan's. So I'm like, you don't got enough money for Jordan's. You know what I mean, when you like feeling what I got left? I'm like is he getting good grades? He said he's doing good. I asked him about who he like in the NBA and I say okay, you look like good kids. I give her the rest of her money back and then I write her a check for the extra so she can go get him some Jordans and I tell her I cast it tomorrow because I got to rob somebody else to make tonight. What do you like to do in your free time? I love to produce music. I'm a piano player, play keys and a songwriters. I love to make music. I love to play basketball on the watch NBA basketball the time. That's my big fan of basketball. I love the movies. I love watching films, action and comedy films. Let's spending time with my family playing games space. Yeah, I love watching shark tank, like one of my favorite shows. Yeah, like that's Oo. I asked I think I asked another actor this before. Both do you watch movies ferently because you've been in stuff like that? Sometimes I try not to watch it because you could be so critical of stuff. Yeah, it got to be a good movie, though, like I can't watch a low like if the actor is not believable, like that's hard. I can't watch those type of movies, you know, like it's a production is not that great as I can get to those, but you got to really bring me in the world with the acting, with the production of it. You know what I mean? That's important to me as an actor. But yeah, I do watch it a little different, but I still try to be a fan and just a regularities member. As I watched yet I got one of them be a question for you and I got two Chicago theme questions for you. Okay, gives it all right. Chance or Kanye's so hard because you've been messing up so much,...

...because it would instantly been Kanye, because I think without Kanye, there's all right, have about we just go based on this music. Yay, all right, yeah, you all day. Kanye late the foundation for a chance to create what he created. Yeah, chance would not be the artist he was if Kanye doesn't exist. So Kanye's just he's a genius. He's one. He's a genius. Literally, he's off, but he's a king is in music. He really is gifted in that space. Know, if he hears this and he's just gonna get more gas up, because you just said that guy I got comes your white Sox, white socks, so them from the south side. Yeah, that's something you'll learn about Chicago. Is. Yeah, you kind of court, you kind of connect with the people that's close to you. So I was from the south side, though, white size all day, because the the you know, the cubs, are on the north side. So yeah, SIS and and then white sox is kind of like the little brother of the underdog to this, to the cubs, and I always relate more to the underdog. I feel like a hundred dog, like everybody counts you out, but you you know, you come in, you conquer. Yeah, actually, I just saw today that the cubs are worth half of what the white tks are worth exactly. And actually had somebody else on and they're from Chicago and they said, they just said they root for both teams even I think they're from the north side. Yeah, the world. Oh, yeah, I gotta go for them, but that's the only time I'm gonna go for the against them. Yeah, for sure. And the last one, you know what I'm probably going to say. Lebron or Jordan? Lebron, Lebron, Lebron all day, and your friend got more than basketball. For me, people, let me say this. It's Lebron all day, and this is why. Well, that's good, I know, I go ahead, go ahead now. I get what your reason where you say, you can say it's more about it's more about Lebron taking his platform and using it for more than basketball. Michael Jordan off basketball player. He was an amazing score period. Nobody could stand in front of him, and that was his element. He's great defender as well and he left the bullster six championships. I don't think that you can argue his greatness. I think what makes for Lebron great to me it's his overall essence in everything. I think he dominates the game in more ways than one. I also think off the court, he really understands the platform that he has and he tries to make the best of it, and I think that's what makes them the greatest of all time. Yeah, for sure. I mean I don't know what Jordan would have done if there is like social media and stuff, but I feel like he doesn't really care about doing stuff in general. Think like give him back on yeah, he does not listen. I've seen too many kids die over Jordan's all right, Jordan has never spoken out about that. Also, I feel like so many people would do so many great things if Jordan would give shoes away, like if she was was a was a was a thing right, like I would give a free pair of George to a student or to a school. That amounts to this or that. Like like to have that be the goal. Like I just think that would change the face of the community. Like if a kid knew I needed to come to school and do what I need to and I at the end of the school yard get a pair of Jordan's. Oh my God, like people would change their whole mindset knowing that at the end of the day I would get a pair of Jordan so just the influence I think he had, and wasn't very I I guess, using that to his advantage and not even speaking out. And it's a video that's out that he says that his shoes were made for white suburban kids. That's why the price range was what it was. He wasn't trying to be negative, but that's why the prices were so high because it was specifically made for a certain child with certain resources. So those are things to me that you know I'm a young black man from the south side of Chicago. That doesn't resignate with me. Yeah, well, maybe you could start that up with your like they giving back in the school system stuff. Yes, I think, I don't know. That could be.

That could be some good press to because then it's like Chicago comedian actor gives away Lebron instead of Jordan's. Yeah, that would be great idea. As a great idea and have Michael Jordan at me right here, come in your shows. He would it wouldn't think Michael or Michael Jordan, but you know, that's just what it is, you know, and I hope that maybe he'll hear it and see it and maybe's like, yeah, let me do something, let me get on board with you with that. You know what I mean, like I will hopefully we turn this or something like that. Yeah, be cool. Well, I appreciate you coming on and best of the luck of the future. And where can people find you on social media? Thank you so much for having me. First of all, I do appreciate that. I'm on social medium. My Ig and facebook is bery brew or junior bea, arry brewer, brewer Jr Jr, and on twitter's comedian berry be and please, man y'all, go watch the special. I promise you you won't be disappointed. I guarantee it. CHICAGO, I'm home, everywhere. Very pre thanks so much for having me, Bro I appreciate it.

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