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Britain Hart Beltran | Average to Savage EP174


This is the one hundred and seventy-fourth episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring artist Britain Hart Beltran. Paul Guarino talked with Britain Hart Beltran discussing how she got into boxing, switching over to bareknuckle boxing, and her fight on September 10th!   

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This podcast interview with Britain Hart Beltran was originally recorded on August 25, 2022

This is the average to savage podcast with Paul Guerrino, everyone and anyone, athletes, celebs and much more. WHAT'S UP, everybody? Welcome back to another episode of the average savage podcast. Our Special Guest Days Britton, Hart, Beltran brant. How's it going? Oh, it's going great. You know, I feel like kind of today might be run around with our heads cut off like chicken, but hey, that wouldn't be fight camp if it wasn't like that some days. Yeah, for sure, appreciate you coming on. I know what we've been trying to do this for a while, so I'm happy that we finally are here. Super Happy. I'm really excited to know I'm a huge fan of yours as well. Always, always be rocking on your team and use saying vice versa. So it's cool we get a minute to sit here and talk about just life and what's next. Yeah, for sure, let's go. Let's go back in time a little bit. But how did you get involved in in boxing, because I know that was your first profession in sports. You know, it's crazy because it really goes to the whole cliche and and story. Everything happens for a reason. So I had just finished actually getting my master's degree and Um, I was going through a lot of personal um pitfalls and like really bad relationship and I ended up actually getting a D U I, which was like the worst thing ever, you know, trying to get yourself out of that hole and like money, it's an expensive mistake, you know, it's a time consuming mistake, and then, you know, I couldn't get a job. I lost job because of it, and then, Um, I kind of to start again and thinking how I gotta do anything. So, anyways, I went to a boxing gym because I had all this extra time on my hand and basically went in there I was like I need my ass beat, you know, I stuck at life and here I am, and they were like okay, so it was a very weird, bizarre situation. But you know, my fourth day in the boxing gym I ended up sparring and they were like Oh ship, who is this girl? And it was it was a chocker to me too, honestly, like it was just a natural talent. And and after that it was like, I think, maybe like three months. They were like, you know, I was having a lot of money problems. They were like, Um, you can fight for money and I was like no, like you have to be doing this your whole life, like I'm twenty six, I can't be just doing this now. They're like no, you know. So I was definitely naive in the beginning. Now that I'm very you know, I had a very hard landing and boxing, politics, fight, world combat sports, politics, and Um, I figured it out really quick. But my first fight, man, it was like this was, you know, my why, like this is the purpose, this is really where I'm supposed to be. It's I like genuinely felt on my first fight. And here we are I'm going into my twentie pro fight. Um, so we're really talking about a span of six years. Yeah, that's crazy. Did you did you play any sports growing up? Yeah, I did. I actually I grew up in Turkey and then Germany and so I actually didn't come to the states until I was ten. So, like my all like very younger years were overseas and Um, soccer was really big. So I was always playing soccer and I was definitely you know, they didn't have boys or girls. It was always co Ed. So I played with the boys and I was a very you know, I was a rough and tumble type of girl, like I would come home with like snakes and Scorpions, and you know, I love being outdoors, I love being in the parks and like climbing trees. So inherently I always came home with like bruises and got banged up really early on as a kid. Plus, we were in a different time and different culture over there, you know, like we didn't really have people like helicopter watching and monitoring us. So we've gotten fights all the time. As a kid, it was just a normal thing to come home with like black eyes and like I tripped and felt you know.

Yeah, yeah, no, that's that's funny and crazy and that makes sense that you play soccer overseas um and then like just going from boxing to bare knuckle boxing. How did one? How did that come about, and then to like what's the difference? Yeah, so my first boxing manager was, you know, the really the first person who like sold me on the dream I could make money and make a difference. And, you know, I do have to give him a shout out for for making me truly believe that, because he did Um, but on the other hand, he definitely expected a lot of other things, you know. So it's hard being a female in the sport and being taken advantage of. So once that became an issue, you know, it was kind of like he kind of threatened me and when the like blackball me and try to tell other gyms I was crazy enough to work with me. So I kind of took it, like, you know, very personal and was like well, you know, he basically threatened me and said you'll never box without me, won't go anywhere without me, and so I made it like a really big mission of mine to make sure that I was somebody and did really well regardless of him and without him. And so that drive really kept me like Hungary and boxing. So Barre knuckle reached out to me. I had a huge boxing fight in Atlantic sitting, New Jersey, and so I told Bar Knuckle Na and thank you for thinking of me, but I'm really trying to work on boxing. You know, I lost that boxing fight, which was really you know, it was very, very close, but I definitely stood out and a lot of people were like Whoa. So I went out to California and when I was in California I fell in love with it out there. But once again the common reoccurring problem. I didn't have any money, and so Barre knuckle hit me up again. I found myself like asking a bunch of people and and they were like, we're like, that's crazy. No, and then was like, well, you know, you can use this money to go to California. What he got to lose, you know, and I found myself still asking. So I knew right then and there that I wanted to do it, because I would have made a decision myself. I wouldn't have kept looking for like the validation to go do it. So I said Yeah, sure, let's go ahead and do it, and you know, I gave it my percent, and that was against Beck Rawlings, which ended up in a split decision which I clearly feel like I was robbed. And now, you know, rewind a couple of years, we got to have the rematch and I beat her, because now we're on equal playing fields where, you know, they can't rob me because you know I've been around and built myself up, you know, and they can't do it anymore. So, Um, but yeah, I to be honest with you, though, with a bare and uncle, I really wasn't expecting to love it so much. And we're talking about me losing, you know, on paper, in my head, my heart, my mind, I knew I won and a lot of people gave me that respect. So, even though it was a loss, it was like kind of cool because I was like man, maybe I maybe I belong here, like maybe I can be somebody here, because boxing is so hard for women, being at a less weight class. They fall out all the time, you know, whatever dumb mistakes. You know, they definitely short change you. Um, so like just, you know, making it apparent like everyone look out for like equal pay opportunity. Women definitely do not get paid as much as men. So it's it's hard to scramble and find promoters and fights as a female. So Baron knuckle really gave me that platform where it feels like people don't really like are treated more equal. I would say, Um, you know, you see there's definitely more men on the cards, but it's because there's not as many females who really actually want to fight baron knuckle. But Um, you know, when they do go on there they're they're hyped up, they're given a huge platform. Um, a lot of times you see women main events, Co main events and feature fights.

So it just felt like I could do a lot with that sport and you know, I climbed the ladder and I didn't give up and you know, I ended up being like voted fighter of the year and then, you know, go for the title shot beating all these UFC people. So it just kind of makes sense. Yeah, I think that's the cool thing about like, well one the production of baron knuckle boxing, and just like how they promote people. It's like kind of like UFC and uh, like belt or esque. So I think that's cool. And obviously in boxing, unless you're unless you're with like a top promoter, then you're just not even really promoted. Essentially. Um, yeah. So that's why, for those that don't know, you guys could check it out. But uh yeah, and then, yeah, like you had huge wins, like you beat page van damned, like they were obviously hyping her up and she was in the UFC as like millions of followers or whatever. Um. So what was that when, like, you know, that was really the big turnaround and you know, it's funny. We can laugh about it now and you know, some people that really needs something too, but you know, it's kind of like where the whole I'm a feeling came from, because it was like being able to go out there and beat such a big name so many eyes and so many people watching. It's like really, I feel like that feeling. We're all kind of like after and craving like that approval and and that you just made it and that you did something big with your life and now you don't have to be living in the shadows. You know, you kind of get out of that. So for me that was the step because, I mean I was I was doing good and I was doing great before the page van stamp fight, but my name was always like in the shadows, like I was always just kind of lurking, and then in that fight it was like, you know, you couldn't not see me, you couldn't not acknowledge that I'm a fighter and a really good fighter. Um. So yeah, it was. It was awesome, you know. I I felt like it was well prepared for it. I had the best mental game. You know, my coach was coach Hoss Out in Ventura, California. He really made a difference in my life, and the same thing with my friend jazz and Diane. They were really like something new and different for me in a fight. Not having like that much support. So having that taste and going forward, I realized like it was really what made the difference. So now, you know, having people like my husband, Joey, and, you know, my my friends Jennifer and Hannah, you know my kids, just people like that that are really, really behind me, it really helps continue to win and success because people now believe in you. Yeah, yeah, for sure. And I was gonna ask you. So, uh, you and joey been married for a year now? Or how long have you guys been going out before that? Yeah, so we started dating like technically Mark Seventeen, so St Patrick's Day of one, and then we got married in July um of that same year. And so now it's been over a year that we've been married. So we've you know, this March will be two years together and this July will be two years married. So pretty quick. But at the same time it was like something that we just knew it was. You know, even now I could never look at him and think you're my boyfriend. It would be so weird because our connection was so deep and like intense and passionate that it was like boyfriend and girlfriend just wasn't the right thing. Yeah, now so, Michael. My real question is, like what is that like to have a fighter as a husband to like how much does that help you? It helps, it helps a lie. It really puts things kind of and an even, you know, an even playing field because, like, for example, like with this fight coming up, I told Joey after the back fight was really, really hard. You know, we had, we did, we had a really hard time at that fight mentally and emotionally, and I was like, you know, I'm done fighting, like I'm...

...done. WE'RE gonna go back to Virginia, we're gonna take a break and we'll come back in and figure some some shoot out and make some big moves. So we go home, we're in Virginia for like two weeks and all of a sudden I get a call and they're like yeah, I'm the best manager ever, and I'm like what? I like not the answer. I was the one and I'm like, well, what did you do that? Well, how about this titled Fight September Tif and I'm like what? Like, Oh my God, I can't say no to a title. So anyways, making it relevant to your question, I feel like it was a lot of stress and pressure on me because my spouse and partner that I just told we're taking a break. How do I switch that and be like well, just kidding, we're not taking a break. You know, someone who wasn't a fighter would probably be mad or give you a hard time and be like you know, you said this, but being that he's a fighter, you know, he looked at me and I'm sure he wants to break you know, I'm sure this is a lot going back into another fight camp so quick, but him, being a fighter, he understand. He's like, look, this is your job, this is who I fell in love with. I understand, and it's for a damn title, so we'RE gonna go get it. So it's cool to have that support and mentality on. Like, you know, just normal people don't understand the stress and like physical and mental thing we go through, and have someone really understand it kind of gives you like that free get out of jail. Card. Yeah, yeah, no, for sure, that's that's dope, though. Um, and so you so you are going down and wait, is I know you, but in boxing you thought at correct right. Yep, that was like that's my true weight, that's my favorite waight. Um, you know, I walk around at one, two. So it kind of makes me feel like at one eighteen, I get to be a real fighter and go into song and do like a little quick cut to to feel you know, it feels kind of cool to go through the motions. Believe it or not, I know it sounds crazy. We fighters will bits and cry and you're like, Oh, I gotta cut weight, but then, you know, if you don't fight for like a year, you're like man, I really miss cutting weight. So I've heard it a lot from other fighters too. So anyways, it was cool to feel that way. But you know, the classics and Bare Knuckle, that was the only weight class they had. So if you notice, if you watch all my fights, all these girls are way bigger than me. They've been bigger than me from day one, and it's like, you know, I never try to let that be an excuse Um, but it does feel really good to go down I feel like my true weight class. Yeah, for sure. So your opponent, I'm not sure our apparents are last name, but I believe her first name is Fannie. Yeah, I know I've heard it before and I don't want to mess it up right now because I'm not thinking clearly. Is I don't want to but Um, yeah, if I heard it, I would be able to tell you. So her background is is Myti and I guess boxing is what I'm what I researched. So have you like watch film on her? I did actually because, like I said, it was really shocked when they told me, Um, the one fifteen childle like against too. You know, I looked this girl up and I will definitely be honest and I was like, Oh my God, how did I miss that fight, because it's a freaking awesome fight her and that girl of it. She won over split decisions, so super close and I mean I really could have gone either way. But it was a hell of a fight. I mean constant action, Um, both really tough girls, and so I was like in awe that there was such a fantastic female fight out there and bare knuckle that really don't maybe not too many people know of. So would that being said, I was like, oh, this girl like she's not a want to know, Barre knuckle fighter, like, what is up with her? So, going back and doing my research, I saw she's like ninety more type fights and Um, you know, really decorated in Hermy Thaie um career. So that's pretty cool. Give...

...her a lot of respect for that. She looks tough as Shit. Um, I think it's cool. She's from Greece and moved over to Thailand. kind of says something about how much it means to her like to actually move away from her home to perfect her her sport, in her craft, that she wants. Um. But, you know, again, I'm definitely treating it as what I just told you, where I saw her first pair nuncle fight was a really good, hard, very, very excellent match, and so I'm definitely treating it like I'm fighting Christine again, you know, or or somebody who's twice the sizes me. Um, and go from there. But you know, I do feel, you know, I am one of those people that I really try to be like proud of my boxing background and that not many people in bare knuckle really have a true boxing background. They're more like M M A or them whine tie fighters, and so I'm really like happy to take this like advantage and be like, man, no one knows boxing better than me. We're not kicking, we're not wrestling, we're not takedowns. You know. Oh, I feel I feel awesome in that so I wonder, you know, I just I don't ever know what I feel like to come across someone who's like, Oh, they're an actual boxer. Yeah, yeah, what is it like? What is it about the bare knuckle? Like a lot of m m a fighters it seems like they lost in their boxing matches but in bare knuckle like they're like decent, like better than like. What's it like? How? Why? I know I'm trying to figure that out too, because I would have always thought that boxing would have the upper hand over these M m a guys, but it just doesn't seem like the boxing people are really pulling it out. But I do think there has to do something with like the whole UFC thing, because bare knuckles bring a lot of the UFC and the M M a people in to get that crowd, and in boxing I think that it's like a lot harder to find those people that are willing to do it because, you know, they're like side of different promotions, like golden boy or like PBC, and I feel like they have, you know, they have this like I don't want to say warped, but a very strong belief that their hands get messed up, their career in boxing is ruined, where M M A is like, I don't they're like, well, you know, my hands are messed up. Who Cares? There used to like knees and elbows and kicks and a lot other crazy ship but I just feel like, you know, boxing just really hasn't had the right type of dirty, gritty people because they are used to babying their hands a little bit and maybe the clinch, you know, maybe that has something to do with it. But you can see, I never fought M M A and I rock the clinch just as easy as an m a person. Would it. Yeah, that I mean that. I think that would be dope if like a big women's boxer came and fall you in bare knuckle. Yeah, and we ask. You know, there's definitely been some names thrown around and it's funny and I'm not like putting them under the bus or anything, and I won't say their names, but you know, there are some really good ones out there that have been offered and that I've talked to and they're like fuck that, like we're not going. We're not going over there unless they're paying like really, really good because and and it doesn't even go to their face nobody's like I'm gonna get cut up in my face. They're like, I'm not messing my hands up like that. Seems to be like the thing that people are most worried about. So it's hard to find that. I really have not. I just met a boxer actually, she's actually a WBC champ, Um Pink Tyson, and she is a big boxer and she's going over to bare knuckles. So she's pretty much the only other boxer I know that it is going from boxing over to...

...a bare knuckle and I'm really excited for her. But I think you know the same thing. She has like that Real, true, tough, gritty fight style that I feel like makes boxers more apt and perfect for the sport. Yeah, for sure. All right, so what are we gonna see on September ten? You're dumbling on a scene involved, Britt I mean it's so crazy. You guys see me every fight. You never know what you're gonna get because it's something new. But I mean, for me, I've never felt faster and quicker and, ironically, more powerful at this weight. So you guys, I really expect you to see like the best version so far. Um, I definitely don't want it to go all five rounds. I would love for it to make a statement, but I've learned one thing that when you go looking for a certain result, uh, you end up getting your feelings hurt. So I'm just gonna go in there and whatever happens happens. This girl an excellent fighter, I feel like. Um, my career and diversity has made me prepared for any and everything and I really just feel like this, this weight class, is gonna be something I really have to own and like really make a statement owning it. Yeah, for sure. I got a few more questions for you. What, what advice would you give to a young fighter? A young fighter? Um, I guess it would. Let's see, what would the best advice I could give them, like, do you really want to fight, like really whole widely wanted, because it's a it can be a lonely road, it can be a painful road, it can be a hard road. And once you give me that answer, yes, you really want it, just know that you have to go out there and be willing to do the things that other people don't because, check it out, there's so many people who want to be where you're at. There's so many people literally, I'm figuratively literally, fighting each other for the spot that you want, and so you have to be willing to do that and I feel like once you accept those terms, you gotta Have Acceptance First. Once you accept it, I don't think there's nothing that can stop you and hold you back, but you just gotta like kind of like I'm gonna throw like Star Wars and be like Yoda out there. You just gotta let go of everything you fear to lose, because, man, it's a it's a painful road if you get too upset in what you lose in boxing or in fighting for that fact. Yeah, I like that. All right. You ready for some fun questions? Yes, who's your who's your favorite boxer, male and female, all time? Oh, my favorite all time boxer female. Um, Oh gosh, that's that's a hard one. I'M gonna go toss up with Bonnie man and carry flock, even though it's kind of funny. They both hate each other, but I do. I love them both. They're both heroes and role models to me that have been in the game for a long time and they're doing exactly what I wanted to do. Now, with the retirement which is reaching out to other people. So shout out to them. and Um, Male, I'm just always gonna have to go with the greatest, you know, Muhammad Ali. So I look at him a lot and and listening to his stuff and references things a lot and quote I'm probably the most. So he's probably my favorite. Oh, what about a fire prediction? Do you're familiar with Clarissa Shields and, UH, Savannah Marshall? Yeah, I am. I actually have a friend who I see every day who's training with her and he was first barring partner, so that's pretty cool. She's actually training here in Miami. Um, so what do you think she gonna win that? Uh, you know, but I'm not saying that. Should probably give you your answer, but I don't know. It sucks because I want to be supportive of my friend and her team, but I'm probably going the other way around on this. All right, I gotcha. UH, last one. What what's is there? What's something people don't know about you? Oh, man, Um,...

I don't know. I'm pretty open book, but I guess it's, you know, again going to outdoors. I actually so. I told you earlier I have a master's Um, but I minored in outdoor recreation. So it's kind of funny because I have a four point O G P A and a lot of people, when I say it, they're like shut up. Were in, like you got that in kayaking and backpacking, which is funny because there's a bunch of other classes I took too, but backpacking and kayaking were both classes I got a's in, of course, and so I really love outdoors. Um, I really just can't express enough how much I love like hiking and like, Oh, here here's something perfect. Boom, you guys are gonna be like, Whoa, what a nerd. So I was in a rock club for like four years. Yeah, and then I gave my rock. Yeah, like every every month they send you a new rock and tell you like what it is, and I gave it to my son, right because like passing it down, because it really means a lot to me. It's a very important rock collection. I passed it down to my son and he dumped it all out and I was like give him back, like you're not appreciative of this, you'll have it later. So I took my rocks back because I was a up that you dumped them all out. That's hilarious. Well, I appreciate it, and could you let the let the listeners know where to follow you at on social media? Yeah, definitely phone me. I'm on, you know, twitter, Tiktok, facebook, Um, instagram, all at team Britain, deltron. UH, definitely feels like I'm on Insta the most. They don't get any your feelings if I don't answer you on the other platforms. It's hard enough dealing with one, but definitely follow me on there. It means a lot to me. Um, and my link is in my bio. If you guys want to catch my fight September ten Um, so you can order it on there. If you go ahead and order it right now, you get a whole month free, so you get to watch my fight fo free. After that it's only four ninety nine, but check me out on there. I got a lot of good things coming up and especially when we win this title. Um, I'm really planning to do some great things that involved all of you guys, so definitely get me a follow.

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