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Corey Pane | Average to Savage EP80


This is the eightieth episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring artist and entrepreneur Corey Pane. This was a special one because it was the first in-person and video interview for Average to Savage. Paul Guarino talked with Corey Pane discussing his passion for art, how he met Antonio Brown (which lead to him painting his cleats, murals in his house, and now his new gym), the Nipsey Hussle mural he painted in Hartford, Connecticut, and who'd he like to work with in the future. Follow Corey Pane https://www.instagram.com/CoreyPaneArt Podcast interview with Corey Pane originally recorded December 2019

This is the average to savage podcast with Paul Greno, everyone in anyone, athletes, so ebs and much more. SOT UP, everybody. Welcome back to the average savage podcast. Or special guests today just corey pain the artist. What's up, Corey? Has It gone? I was it gone pretty good. Glad to be here and this is the first live interview in person. Yeah, that's cool and part of it. Yeah, for sure. So let's just go back in time. How did you get into painting? I mean I've pretty much always done art like my whole life. I don't know, it's always like one thing that I've always been into and just kind of always stuck with. I mean I I guess I I don't kind of put it aside for a little bit and never really I don't know, just kind of did it for myself. But then towards the end of high school I got more like serious about it and just tried to, I don't know, do like a bunch of like album covers for different friends, bands and different things and try to push it that way and then it just kept growing more and more. So got you. Yeah, and in school, like did you know you wanted to do this? Like full time, um yet like in high school. Yeah, yeah, I mean like definitely towards the end of school and stuff, for sure, like I just don't that's what I loved and I just kind of I never really thought about it like as like a job or like a business kind of way. It just I knew that's what I love doing, that I'm passionate about and that's just what I want to keep doing no matter what else I do. So yeah, it definitely and I know you went to college, right. Yeah, once it you are. Yep, you graduate or yeah, gratuate we are. So, yeah, I went for illustration. Yeah, she's got the graphics down too. Yeah, you go at all. Yeah, I like to mix it up. So then how did you get to me like Antonio Brown and like how did you end up doing his cleep? So that was I did like a painting of Ojo Sinko, like it just as like a joke thing, like when he was playing and he had like all the stuff and he was called himself Esteban and everything, and I did like just kind of put all his little joke things together and made it into a painting and then my brother like made me a twitter and then put it up on twitter and stuff, and then like a bunch of people saw it and he saw it early and wanted to like use within five minutes. You want to buy it. And then an tonio was like working out with him because he's like from my amy, so he knew him like already growing up and stuff. And then and Tony was like just coming into the League out of college and we like he just asked me to paint him and his son, and then I did that and then we met up in Pittsburgh and he like just got on the steelers and stuff, and then we just kind of became good friends and it's been like almost nine years later now, so it's crazy now in a while. And when you were talking about Chadowcho Shinkle was at like the first like athlete painting her made. Yeah, and that was like I just did it. I just like liked his personality and like I don't know him, Mesic like a character. So I just did it for fun at for myself, and then my brother like kind of turned into something else. So gotcher and then from like Antonio Brown, like who else like reach out into and like saw your heart, likes, we watched, I mean there's there's been a a lot of people on the steelers just because like that was easy as on the sailors. And then we started doing the cleats. Like it's it's probably like maybe four years ago or something, but I was just out there like the week before the season started and then we just were trying to come up with something. He's like, I'll just paint my cleats for the first game and I just did that and then it went over way bigger than we thought. So then I just kept doing it for every game of the season and then it just kept growing and there would be people like reaching out from all different like teams and stuff that I don't want to do something like that, and then they built like the whole my cause, my cleats thing and that help. So yeah, but it's still I still like I'm in such a lot of steelers guys and trying to think of who else. I just did some for Josh Jacobs on the raiders. There's this to Josh Hill on the...

...saints. I don't just like random people just like hit me up, but and when this was before, like they I know you said that wasn't. was He like a pioneer of like to paying the click, getting his feet back, Click cleats painted. I mean there's other people that did it. There's like, I don't like other artists and stuff that were doing or like other players, but they did like more kind of more just like colorways. I don't like simple type of like cartoony images or something, and I feel like we kind of took it to a different level where we did stuff that was like kind of like more meaningful and tied to things that were happening like in the news or whatever like was going on recently. And like if we did one partose for like Muhammad Ali, that was like just for him as like his big inspiration, and then it kind of like reached a lot of people. Or like when Arnold Palmer died, then we did that and it's like I tried to be smart about it in a way where like the like the NFL and stuff couldn't say no because they were like finding him every weekend. But then it made a girl even bigger, you just because it's like bad publicity makes it grow. So when I did the Arnod Palmer once and they let him wear and they put them up on the TV and everything, because they I just I felt like I wanted to do it because I wanted to like test them, like if they said no to that would make them look stupid, so they couldn't. But I don't. I feel like it helped the girls. So we're those are on the like bigger first ones to blow up. Definitely did. And then like after Antonio Brown, like who else, like just everyone reach out to you. Pretty much. I got they reach out to you a lot of times. It's like someone will get like my number something through somebody or like instagram thing. Yeah, I did a lot of stuff for like Ryan chasier and be kind of we became pretty your friends too, and then like his whole stories. Crazy it happened to him. So I don't. I feel like every time we would do something, just kept growing, like other people would want to see more and more. And when I when Shasi or got hurt, then I called up bud dupre and like he got like a whole defense, like half the team, just to send their cleats and I painted anything like it was like thirty something pairs over night. I stayed up like twenty four hours and just painted all of them the same with that his sturry on them, just to like kind of do something cool for him. So well, about what's been like one of your favorite cleats? So for Um, I really, I really like those Muhammad Ali one's, but because I feel like I don't know, those were just like kind of a cool, like more personal message. I for it Tony and for me, like I don't look at him as like an inspirational person. So definitely want to the goat. Yeah, what about I know you did the Nipsey Hustle Mural and car for you and that, now that was like super vitral. Yeah, so that was that. was that like was that bigger than anything you've ever done? Oh, yeah, for sure, Um that. I mean that was like the same kind of thing where I just, like every I don't know, I just always respected Nipsey as a person, like even more so than like his music and everything, and I just wanted to do something cool for him and just something that like, I don't know, can like keep his leg seem like everything he stood for like going and just kind of like, I don't know, recognize him and some kind of way. So I didn't. I just expected like maybe people from around Harford might see it and like it was cool and whatever. But then it just went huge, like I never expected new that. So, like I remember seeing you paint it and then I remember like just keep on refreshing your page and your smaller. And then next morning I remember waking up a look at yeah, Shit, corty just blew up again. Yeah, and I was there painting, like people were just like all, you gotta check like your facebook, instagram, whatever, and I just I was like, I don't know, like I just thought I might be like a couple things. But yeah, it was crazy. So we're belly, who was the craziest person. I like reach out to you from that. After that, um had little Bowa reach out to paint his house. So that was pretty funny. Did you get to do that? I didn't yet, but hope, I don't know. Hopefully soon I will figure it out.

Yeah, well, yeah, then I saw you were just recently paying Antonio Brown's Jim, the Jim. Yeah, and then and then I was back to Mumma Ali again, sting like a butterfly. Yeah, so sing like always, like that thing in there, because when I did is clease, I like I wrote that on it. Just is like he's got the that saying. But then like it fit perfectly with his name. So I don't know, just kind of always stuck with that. And I know you didn't other sports or what is like other athletes besides football? Have you know? Um, there was like I did some stuff for Devin Booker, like an MBA, and there was like some of that stuff was set up through. I did like, I think, for Pepsi and like mouth stuff, like they reach out and wanted to do kind of like promotional package. Yeah, so I did those. There was there's been like some soccer players that have you shout, but I haven't really done anything with them yet. But hopefully that'll like having soon and I don't, then I'll get sprintsed like you're so'll be cool. Yeah, yeah, you're gonna be a whole other ball game, definitely. But what are you? Is there anyone like? Is there anyone's cleets? Are Sneakers? Are you really want to do? Um, I wouldn't. I would love to do there's just the name ebraw Himo bitch. He's like a soccer player and he's like my friend eds, like it's like his idol. It's like he always has showed me him and talk to me about him and he has like such a cool story, I think, and I just don't know, I really love to like be able to work with him and like do something for that, because they would reach a whole different like lever look people to. Like what team you I'm not even sure what he he plays. I got ask my friend he's from. He's from Sweden. Yeah, but Um, I heard the name too. I just can't think of what team you know, I don't know what team he plays on right now. It's I think he plays in England, though. Yeah, yeah, because I an international, will be told, especially the soccer would be crazy just because, just compared to any sport here, just soccer crazies in the world. So what about if you done any like ice hockey cleets and skate as people have asked me about, like that, or like Golie helmets? Oh, goalie helmet, would you dope? That would be cool. So, like, I don't know, maybe that will happen eventually. Yeah, and what about I know you're a misician, musician to so yeah, I know, I don't think anyone really asks you about that, interviews that much about yeah, a lot of people don't even know. So how did you get into that how you get into music. I mean I'm just always like, I don't know, looked at music like another art form, I guess. So I just like kind of I just like to do it for myself. But then I'll just jam with a bunch of friends and we like we've been Jamin for a while and then we kind of put together like a band and started playing out shows. So yeah, we've been doing that the lass like year too, and it's just fun just playing. It's just like just a different release and like a different kind of way. So you got to like big projects coming up now. Um, I'm I have a like a big Murle. I'm been doing Bristol, but we're trying to get it done before the winter, but now it's just like kind of too cold, so we're going to wait till the spring. But it's gonna be like a four story building. So for her, yeah, it'll be the biggest private definitely biggest thing I've ever painted. So you gotta yeah, what it was it going to be? Um, it's like I kind of did like a little sketch, but it's they want to incorporate like some things about like the town of Bristol, but then they pretty much just left it open for me to just kind of do my thing and like kind of be creative and show my artistry. So so what about like when you do these murals and stuff, like how do you what's your process doing? Um, a lot of times, like I don't I really like sketch in like a normal way where like all like sketching the sketchbook or something, but I'll just I'll kind of like think o night idea and have like a bunch of things like images and different things that I know I want to incorporate, and then I'll start like piecing them together almost like a collage, and like kind of like trying things in different places and then from that collage kind of like idea,...

...then I'll just like put that up on the wall and then a lot of times, like when I start something, it'll change, like once I get on the wall and start doing it, maybe something might look cool, like look a little different, and then I just like spark a new idea and build into something else. So I just like to let it kind of flow and almost like so so you kind of draw it out on peace paper first or not a little bit like sometimes, especially for like real soup. A lot of people want to see a sketch. Like a lot of times, like lately, I've been like doing it almost like out like a photoshop kind of thing. We're all like, I'll have pictures and different things and then kind of piece them together really quick, so it's like this collage kind of field and then people can just kind of like see it more like with color and what it would look like, and then I just kind of go off of that. Yeah, because I saw your the one you did for a Dayne Hash goods. Oh, yeah, there's ount own own show you. A lot of people repost that one to yeah, it was a Jay Z. Yeah, it was like Biggie Nas, Jay Z, J Cole and Nipsy. Yeah, yeah, and then he through scarface something's and to box. Yeah, everyone like was thrown off by this car face. Yeah, what about? Like I was always thinking, like he painted in his in his house, that I do. He just got to so like why do they? Why do they get it on their wall close to a painting? I know. Yeah, like I like sometimes I'll tell people that too because, like I know, with a lot of stuff, like, especially in the NFL, like things are just come quick and like sometimes things an't less for ever. So for sure. But I think like there's just like a cercain field while having it on the wall that like people like. So I don't know why. I feel like people just think it's it's like cool when you just get it like straight up on your wall. So probably would make more sense. Sometimes they campus. I was just thinking that one who look crazy like on a just a picture. Cual, you could take it, you can take it with yeah, he said like if you ever moves out, he wants to cut the wall out. So I don't know how you do that. Yeah, go figure. But yeah, like the yeah, like the AV thing makes sense because it's like it's a gym, so it's just like yeah, kind of different, just like a business. Definitely, yeah, because that's going to be like a commercial gym that he's gonna open to like the public and stuff. So yeah, yeah, you like a little more exclusive, probably. But what about like what's your process like with painting the cleats? Um? I mean, so usually it's it's always like different types of cleats are like weird for different things. But I'll just kind of like rough it up a little bit, like kind of sand them down or something, and then I'll just kind of go go for a painting, like I don't a lot of people do, like airbrush and all that kind of stuff, but I just kind of treat it like the same way. I would like like a canvas painting. So I'll just use little brushes and a cry like paint or sometimes like leather paint stuff. So how long do those usually take? Um, I mean it's usually like when I get them, usually like people always given to me so late. Honestly, this is like I'll have to do it too, but I mean at least probably spent at least like five or six hours like doing something we're about. We're about like the mirror, like how long did the new ab one or like you doing Ashkins done? All those are like probably a couple days each. Like I would like the aby one. I was just probably woke up at like six and we're till like eleven, for like three days straight. And Yeah, the same like would I just I just like to get it going like done once I start working. So I just kind of work the whole day and then what it like should did he know you were what you're doing? Are He just tells you he's just let me do my think completely, you know, idea. So even like I so I did like the portrait of him and it said like the full like a butterfly. It sing like Ab and then the other side was just his logo, and that was like so, I was simple enough. And then in the middle, like I wasn't even planning on doing that until we got there and then I just tried to come up with something. So I just kind of wing down the spot and come up with like having like a like a panther, so like these fierce eyes kind of thing, and they're just kind of went off of that. So yeah, and then I saw Sean Kingson was there too. Right, yes, he's a cool so what's it like just meeting like all these celebrities...

...and athletes? I mean it's cool, but like I just kind of sometimes I don't even know who certain people are, honestly, so I just like it's just a normal person to me. So I don't know, you gotta just treat people like you wouldn't normally to anyone else. And like sometimes you might meet US celebrity you don't even know, but then they might be an asshole. So like you don't know, like whatever. Has there anyone been? Hey, you met you were like Starstruk. Um, I don't know. I was like probably not yet. What about if you met like Michael Jordan or something that would like? I'm trying to think of like somebody that I would like. I don't know who I would go crazy over. But what about, like who's your favorite athlete? My favorite athlete like right now? Sure, Um, I don't know. I like I feel like I like I like to I like people with like a lot of like character and stuff. So so like a big yeah, I love like I love that kind of stuff because it just is like that. I don't know, it's more like a personality thing, especially like as an artist, you look at that stuff and you it's like a cool way to like incorporate that into things. So what about like is there any is there any other like like dream harrals or anything you want to do? Um, yeah, I mean I would definitely love to do like the one I just did wear it like obviously has to have like more of a connection to a be and stuff, but it was still me like just doing my own thing. So I would love to be able to do murals where I can just like be more free to just do my own thing, like as an artist and good. I don't know, like I see that happen without like they just had art basle in Miami. Yeah, put the banana and I think, yeah, that's crazy, but yeah, they have like just people will come down there and they just expect them to do their thing, like. So I just want to be at a point where I could do that and like, I don't know, maybe go to like in Europe and stuff. I feel like they appreciate art in a different way. So like it'd be cool to just travel and stuff. Now, do you want to get into? I know you kind of Shaid it, but you want to get like one of your pieces? I'm like him on those big I guess likely festivals, yeah, or something. Yeah, I mean I think it would be cool because, like a lot of people see it and stuff and it's just like a it's like, I've been down there before. It's cool way to like I don't meet other artists and collab different it's kinds of people and there's so many different types of people that all like gathering one spot. So it's pretty cool. That banana thing was crazy, though. I think the guy ate it. I don't know if it's like I don't know what the Hell is going on. He ate after you bought it? No, I don't know if he bought it or just ripped it off and hate it really. Yeah, I don't know it's going but he's an artist to okay. So that's why I don't know if it's like I can make it. Yeah, it's still still going on right now. But and I show you were on. I think you're on ESPN right. Yeah, it's what was that like? Um, that was cool. That was like the first time I ever because I've done some stuff on like like news channels and something like that, but like I think if it was like the first one I ever did. So I don't know, it's kind of weird like for me, like I don't know. I'm like just a kind of dude where I'm like a I'm pretty quiet dude, so like just being out like in like a spotlight kind of thing like that as like a little weird for me sometimes. But it was cool at ESPN. Like it I think it got me more used to like in the open and stuff. So yeah, but yeah, everyone was cool there and like that was really fun because like Randy Moss was there. He's good like working for like the NFL live and stuff. So it was I've grown up like I always kind of like looked up to him and Souf is pretty cool. It would be able to. So maybe you were start stuck the Yah right there. Yeah, he helped me. You, like I was. I had to paint like all their portraits on like a para fleets and then like he came up and he was just like joking around and like he pretended like he was painting his face and stuff. It's just a cool dude. So and then I remember me and you kind of did a clap with the Jamal Aeron. Yeah, and I got to print the shirt and then he wore it out to the ring. Yeah, and so, yeah, how did I remember? I think you painted that right. And then you would you do?...

You copy? Just like yeah, like scanned it. You either like scan it or like take a photo and then send it. was I was like when I got I knew was a big file. So I was like, Oh, this going to work. I just like how the Hell did you do that? And it came out and then we got him out and then us the ring. Yeah, how's he doing? They actually became world champion really shut or yeah, so in May this year. That, wow, that's all. So. So that was cool because I got him before he was I got him after. I got him after where my stuff. Well, he lost in my stuff the first time and then, but then I was still was with them. Obviously I'm not going to change switch up if someone gets a loss. So then, and how he's the world chairman. So that a back up address to him. So I guess that wraps up that. But I got some fun questions for you. They usually go from average to savage. So you know for those. Yeah, and so what about what's you like? Your Favorite Song Right now? My favorite song right now like a new one that just came out. Oh, yeah, anything. What are you listening? Like you playing all the time now, like, I so, like, I really I love Jake Cole yea like a lot, and like he has that new song. It's called little brother, and I don't know, I really, I don't know. I've been like I like that song a lot. I'm trying to think, like it's I always go. I listen to so many different types of like music and stuff. So a lot of times I'll listen to like older things and then sometimes, like it'll be like folkey types of sometimes it's like hip hop. So it's like all over the places, like kind of whatever mood him and so I don't like when you're not painting or whatever, would you like to do in your free time? Um, I mean I definitely like that's why I like like doing music and I like to just do like different forms of art and stuff, like, whether it's I don't I'm doing like music or photography or like sometimes maybe trying to like film something or I don't know. I like to just try to do those. But I definitely like to like I feel like reading and like watching movies and stuff is like a different form of like kind of getting away from things, from meut. So like I just like I don't like relaxes me. Sometimes I just go into a different world. Yeah, should could you feel like look at anything and to see it has art? So time, I mean I just get like I definitely get inspiration from like so many different types of things like all over and yeah, I mean I think it's it definitely helps me like just to be open. So what about who would be like you're like top five like artists. So you looked up to maybe grown up or like right now, or and he um definitely like solvad or Dolly always been one of my favorites. I love Vango to it's May go my favorite artist like right now. Her name is swoon. She's she's from New York and I just went to like she just had a solo show in New York or so cool, which just like go and it. She was there and just be able to like meet here and stuff like she I don't just everything she does is like I really love like all she's all about. So I know was it was really cool to say that in person. Is there anyone that like you would want to do like a collab like art piece with Um? Definitely, yeah, there. I mean I don't know how you do it. I mean obviously sounds hard to do like because you know, like I know, people don't like their work. Touch Sho. There's a there's just one dude I've been. I reached out to him on instagram. His name's like on this Ram goes about the Hula and I forgot his his real last name is named Sean, but he he's from Hawaii. What he does like all different types of like murals and stuff, but like incorporating things in nature. So he does something like outside a lot, like I'm like giant waterfalls and different things, and I don't know, we've we've just been talking about maybe doing like a clap at some point and I think it could be really cool. We have like similar styles and just being able to incorporate that with like you're really cool. Just that be dope. What about last one? If you if you weren't an artist, what do you think you'd be doing? I don't know, I mean I just like when peoples ask me this one I was little and stuff, I would always say, like I would want to do something with animals like that, just I love being around animals. So I don't know, maybe that would happen. Yeah, yeah, I don't know. Man Or...

...music? I guess music. Yeah, I know. Go back to me. What do you what are? You play? I play drums, like drums and percussion and stuff. So like in the Bandamin right now. We just saw we're called Moon Matrix, but I play like like Congos and percussion stuff. And Yeah, you just do local shows. Yeah, for like we've got me done like Massachusetts or like Rod Aland before, but it's pretty local around here. So yeah, we're just recording. We're almost one with our like first album. So okay, put that out. You Go. You made a cover for it night we I'M gonna finish. Yeah, it's going to be cool or about yeah, do any of like rappers or anything reach out to you to do like? Yeah, yeah, I've done like a lot of times. I've been like local like rappers or local musicians and stuff, but I love doing that because I love to be able to like just listen to the music and then try to like kind of like put it all my mind and let it come out in the art. Yeah, so's yeah, just finished one today. It was just like for like a little single thing, like just being able to do that, like that's one of my favorite things to do. So well, I appreciate you coming on and can you look the people know where they can follow you at? Oh yeah, thanks, man Um. Yeah, so my instagram just corey payin art, so it's cry and then PA Andy, you can from me on there, and then I have a website is just corey paincom. Yeah, so you updated recently? Yeah, I've been trying it. My brother's trying to make me a site. So I'm always bad at that stuff, but now I like the new one. Whose cool. Yeah, I don't know how new it is because I remember the old one was like all white. Yeah, and the old one like I've had it. I had it forever. My friend made it for me like I don't even know, probably like the end of high school or something, and I just put everything on there. My brother tried to like kind of organize it make it a little more a sense, because it had all it like we're like your parents. Isn't stuff like that? Yeah, so I think there's your big time now. Yeah, yeah, thanks. Yeah, so I think the that website is just corey paining art, just like my instagram, but it's gonna be just corey paincom eventually. So someone got it. So will know some I had that already, but then, like my on't my other site was like messed up. So my brother made me that. But so either one of those will work, I feel. Yeah, because someone holds owns PG sportscom trying to sell K. that's great. So I'm trying to get it eventually. Hopefully, like it expires, then I could get it for like ten. So okay, eventually something will happen. Well again, I appreciate you coming on and yeah, thanks man. Now where I following now? For sure? Yeah, thanks man. All right,.

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