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Doggface208 | Average To Savage EP116


This is the one hundred and sixteenth episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring Nathan Apodaca aka Doggface208. Paul Guarino talked with Doggface208 discussing him going viral on Tiktok, how his life has changed since, and what he's going to do next.

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This podcast interview with Doggface208 was originally recorded on January 5, 2021

...this'll is the average to savagepodcast with Paul Guerrino. Everyone in anyone athletes, celebs andmuch more. What's up, everybody? I'm back for another episode. The averagesavage podcasts. Our special guest today is none other than Dogface. How'sit going? What's up, man? How you doing? I appreciate you coming on. Hey, nodoubt. I appreciate you bringing me on. You know what I mean? For sure. Uh,let's just Let's just talk about it. You know, everyone knows you went viral.The Fleetwood Mac song. You're just cruising on your skateboard, drinkingsome ocean spray. So one how that how that just that tic tac come about?Basically, I was just going to work. And you know what I mean. My truckusually dies out, like every other day or something like that. It's just old.The batteries run down, You know what I mean? So it shut down. I had, like,less than 10 minutes to get to work. I was like, Okay, I got my board. I gotmy juice. I'm just gonna take off. You know what I mean? No worries. I'll justget it, you know, juiced up when I get done with working everything and thenYeah. So I took off. Start looking through my list. Then I'd seen dreamswas one of the top ones. Start because I listened to everything before I go,you know what I mean? So I was going through seeing it, heard it, seeing thevideo in my head When I was coming down the ways, I was like, I'm a coast down.Just get this video and proposed to see what's up. When I first did the videoand went down, E thought I'd be able to come up and try to do it again. But Icaught speed after the video ended, so I couldn't stop. So I just followedwith it all the way down the end of the little off ramp thing. By time I gotdown there, I looked up and I was like, I'm not walking back up there to trythis again. So held it. Let's just go with it. So, yeah, I went to work andthen I sit there looking at it. I was like, OK, I don't know if I wannasupposedly it or should I? You know, because to me, I didn't Look, I wasgonna look like I didn't look like I was going too fast. So then I was like,All right, maybe everyone's gonna hate on it. So I was like, Okay, whatever.I'll just post it and see what you know what the outcome is, Then, like I said,within an hour, I already had 400,000 views. So to me, that was like, Well,you know what I mean. Okay, that's actually might get a million today. Youknow, less than seven hours that got a million views. And then after that, itwas just Yeah. Two days later, I had management trying to hit me up. I waslike, What the hell? You know, it's crazy. Yeah, that's crazy. But I knowyou had some other videos block before that, right? What was like, What wasyour previous high? My first one that blew up was the get up dance. You knowwhat I mean? That was a trending dance that was going on in Ticktock when itwhen I first got on. And then the second one was the first of the monthby bone, thugs and harmony. I did a little skit of that and that blew up.It went on Twitter. Everything. Just like the Fleetwood Mac song. You knowwhat I mean? And but it just didn't blow up Blow up. It was, but it blew up.You know, it was crazy because that was, like, my first couple that went viral,viral, you know, and yeah, Other than that, I get million views on a coupleother, you know, videos on tick tock. But it would take weeks or months, youknow, But I just always have to wait to...

...see it. And then this one, it was justinstant instant then. Yet it's crazy. Yeah. So? So say, like the day. So theday, like the say 24 hours go by. So what? What happened? Like after that? Nothing, really. After the 1st 24 hours,I was just, like, tripping out on how many views and everything, You knowwhat I mean? And I was just like crazy, you know? And then everybody just keptsending to me from Facebook. You know, my mom was sending it to me. My aunties.That's when I was like Okay, well, that's what E I was like, OK,something's going on here. You know. I mean, then when they told me thatFleetwood Mac, you know, forward it and retweeted today or whatever you know,on Twitter and all that, that's when I think it really started kicking off anocean spray jumped in and, you know, start retweeting it and everything. Andeverybody just caught the vibe from it and it just blew up, you know what Imean? Then after that, the second day, like I said, is when I looked at mymessages because I was getting messages before from orders that I was doingbecause I was stitching my own hats and everything, embroidering them andselling them. And then, like I said, I would go through. And when I get caughtup in my sales, I go and look at the ones that I didn't see, you know, inthe plus, whatever you know, the ones that I can't see or whatever. So I goin there, I looked in there and then also, I see all these blue check marksand all these people are like trying to reach out. And I'm like, What the hellis all this shit? You know what I mean? Like what the hell And then I see thatthe management, you know, like managing now JIA Tony Inc started trying toreach out to me. Gina Rodriguez shout out to them, you know, they came outand start reaching out to me, and I was like, Yeah, right. You know, who am I?Thio, you know, go out and do anything like this or whatever. I try to beanybody. You know, Everybody kept telling me, What are you doing? Whydon't you doing any interviews? You know, if somebody wants to interview,this person wants to interview. And I'm like, What do you mean? They want tointerview me? You know what I mean? I just did a tick tock. You gotta read avideo like no, every reaching everybody. This man, I was like Like, like, forreal. You know, when they're like, Yeah, So I was like, All right, whatever.Then that's when I reached out to Gina. And she's like, Yeah, I can do this foryou in this for you hopefully do something for you know, And, you know,I was like, All right, well, let's, you know, see what you can do. And yeah,ever since then. It's just been blessing after blessing, you know? Yeah.Now I gotta ask. Since you, since you had all those people, like, how did youpick your agency? Honestly, she was the first personreach out to me, and I didn't know any other people were trying to reach outto me or anything. Tell that. Yeah, Like I said, I looked into that otherside, you know, on. And I've seen all these people, and I was just like, Yeah,that's crazy. You know, I was just happy that she jumped on board, youknow, because she's down to Earth person. She's straight up. You knowwhat I mean? She's got my back, you know? It's It's she's dope, you know?Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah, I read somewhere. So you bought your ownsewing machine to make your own apparel, right? Yeah. On tax season, I went andgot me, uh, embroidering machine from Walmart from Wally World. And then,like I said, I sat here after work and I come home and I get some water. Asmuch as I could write it down. Sometimes I forget because the potheadshit. You know what I mean. and but...

...then I try to keep something to writeit down and everything, but yeah, I come home and spend like an hour or soin my lady. No, just talking, eating whatever. That this is from eighto'clock, you know, seven o'clock in the morning. Day until 567 sometimes, youknow? Ah, full day work. You know, I still come home, spend my hour with mylady family, friends, everybody like that. And then, boom, I get on ticktock, do a video or so and then I go on live, and I used to call it thesweatshop Sesh is what I called it. And then, yeah, I'd sit there and I go onlive and I just sit there and just boom, boom. I'd make hat after hat after hattalk to my fans at the same time, and yeah, it was just It was the same man,you know? I mean, it was just routine daily thing that I could justconstantly for, like, ah, year and a half. I don't even know, man. Long time.That's no. Yeah, I mean, that's what I mean. That's what people I don't thinkpeople realize sometimes like like a lot of people still have nine to fives,and then they do their do their side hustle after Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. When Istarted selling those beanies, that's when it kicked off. Because I sell 50shirts are trying to sell 50 shirts, and they didn't really sell. They tookme forever to sell those. So then when I did the be anything, that's when Iwas like, Okay, maybe maybe somebody's gonna wanna you know what I mean? Soand then that kicked off and that straight up turned into a side hustle,you know? I mean, it was it was straight up bringing in revenue for me,and I was like, Yeah, it was a blessing. Yeah, so yeah, and I also readsomewhere else that you were about to, like, stop doing Tik TAKS where yourdaughter is convinced you to keep on going. Yeah, that was after I got thefirst viral one on. You know, when I started to talk, it was, uh get updance with Harvey Bass. Did I think he was the first one? I mimicked his danceand did my parody and whatever, and then yeah, it got a million 2000 views.A million 200,000 views in two days. I think it was. And then, like I said, Igot 30 or 40,000 followers overnight for that one. By the time they leftback to Montana, I was up to, like, sixties, 60,000 followers or something.And that's when I was like Okay, well, I went viral, you know, I did withother people my age. Can't you know, on the app, you know, like, Hey, I'm done,you know? And then that's when, like, that's when my oldest daughter, Angelea,was like, No, you're not, you know, like you actually got people falling.You You know, your people commenting to you, you don't read the comments, youknow, they're all good comments and everything. You're making people smile,you know? Just keep doing something. I was like, Well, what the heck do youwant me to do? You know, because I still was lost and what I was gonna doon tick tock. That's why I mixed it up with acting. You know what I mean? Anddancing and whatever. Like I said, I ain't no actor. I ain't never took noacting classes. I ain't never took no dance classes. You know what I mean?You know, I'm a skater, but I can't really, really skate skate, you know,like pro skaters and everything. But yeah, I could get down on the vert andeverything like that. I could do some flatlands tricks and stuff, you know,something like that. But yeah, you know, pro skater, you know, but yeah, and itjust works out. You know, It's just it's like, so dope, you know, it'sawesome. And then tell me, tell me a little bit more how the ocean spraycame about and, like, how they give you...

...a truck. I was just sitting at home one day, Youknow what I mean? And then I get a knock on the door. I see my daughtergetting up, walking around in and out, acting all weird. But it was because atthe time she was handling my interviews and everything you know, s I wasletting her try to do this and this. So to me, it was natural. So I was justsaying like, Okay, whatever. But then she leaves in and I hear a knock. Youknow, and then I'm just like the heck she's knocking on the door for. Shejust left, you know? So I get up and I go over the door and she's just like,sit there and there's a kind of a guy behind her and everything. Then, yeah,they just played it out, like, came around the corner. She's like, Oh,she's pretty want to talk to you? I was like, What do you mean? You know, Ilook outside like I said, I see in the truck, and then I see all the juice andit didn't snap into my head to me. I seen juice. So I was like, Okay, theybrought me a bunch of juice in one of their trucks s Oh, I was just like,cool, you know? And then the guy that came out to me when he started talkingto him, he's like this truck. I was like, No way seeing the signs and saidmy name. I was like, Man, that's crazy. And then even before that, or afterthat, I was like, Okay, well, they're gonna take it away because I ain't gotno money to pay taxes on this or nothing. You know what I mean? Andgoing into prices, right? Type stuff, You know what I mean? I rememberstories of people saying, Yeah, I want this, but I couldn't get it because Ididn't pay taxes on their or whatever. So I was like, Okay, well, I'm fuckedthere. So then, yeah, played it off and everything. And then at the end, I waslike, Hey, you guys gonna take the keys? Whatever. You know what I mean? Justsitting there waiting for somebody to take it. And then no, they took it andthey're like, Well, ocean spray. And then they said that ocean spray is justgonna take care of everything. And then when they help me out with, like I saidwith insurance, everything they paid the taxes on and everything you know,like I said, ocean spray stepped up. Like like no other man. That's crazy. Iget big shout out to them, You know what I mean? They helped me out. Likelike no other. You know, like I said, it was straight up. Just love. You knowwhat I mean? And it just came out of nowhere. It was dope, you know, justcan expect, given crazy exposure. Yeah, but you know, it's crazy, though. Yeah,it's just on. Look, what I mean is, when What is the time? I forgot whenwas what month was that? You posted the video? It was on September 25th. Yeah,you're never gonna forget that one, right, My lady? Make sure I don't.Because every time I before you know, like I said, fire things, I always geteverything you know. But then, like I said after every month, she's like, youknow, it's been a month, and then, you know, it's been a month, you know, twomonths, you know? Now, you know, it's been only three months now, and I'mlike, Damn, you know, it really has only been, like, three months going onfor now. You know what I mean? Just like, that's crazy. Yeah. Uh, have youquit your 9 to 5 job? Basically, Yeah. I told him I was gonna go back. If youknow, things don't pan out in whatever. I just haven't been back. So you knowwhat I mean. So yeah, hopefully, you know, pull my dad, you know, I mean,like, anything, you know, you could get lucky with anything. I tell my kids,you know, you can find them. You know, I don't know what it is mean findingsomething, you know, Like just something to get something so I couldget my dad out of Dam warehouse. You know what I mean? Hopefully my merchcells do something like that, You know,...

...or something, You know, like I said,Shut up. Assume he's too because yes, big things going on with them, you know?Are you about to collab with them? Yeah, I got my merchant. Everything comingout on there, got his dad necklaces, hopefully coming out there and a bunchof many stores, you know? Hell, yeah. All right. So what? How many? How manyinterviews have you been doing that? Has there been anything? Like what?What other, like, crazy things you've been doing? Yeah, I just I do almost interviewsalmost daily. You know what I mean? Just podcasts and everything like that.Just getting my name out there and everything. Hopefully, I want to dosome more things with the rail and be real TV. And Felipe Esparza, hopefully,you know, just meet up with him, you know, He's a cool guy. I did hispodcast as well. Yeah, it's just like I said, It's just new things and newexperiences, you know? And I'm glad I got to take my family with me at times.I get glad I get to just chill. You know, it's just awesome. Nothing butlove, you know? Yeah, for sure. I know you're from Idaho. Are you still livingthere now? Yeah, I always You know what I mean? I'm at home all day, you know,e love You guys got the best potatoes, right? Believe that. You know what Imean? If you get potatoes anywhere else, you don't even know. You know. Uh, soyeah. So you also got you got Was this true that you've got to buy a new housein cash? Yeah, And it was That was mostly thanks to all my fans and mysoldiers. I call them soldiers. You know what I mean? The same fans onwhatever it to me is it is like, not soldiers. Exactly. 20 soldiers, my 4 20soldiers. And like I said, just when the donations came, you know, I didn'tgo out and ask for donations or anything like that. It just came. LikeI said, God send. You know, people seen it. They wanted to help me out, Youknow what I mean? It was it was a blessing, man. And it was just crazythe amount that came in. And when it came up to the point where they waslike, you can't even get a house, because your credit, you know, becauseI was like, I got a down payment for a house. Now, you know, I'm good. I coulddo this and this, and they're like, No, you can't. You know, you got bad credit.You know, you gotta pay this off before anything. You do this before anything.And I was like, man and then So I had this money and where I've seen it againto the potential to where I could get a down payment and all that. You know, Idecided to save and stop spending it and giving it to everybody or whatever,you know, because I was spreading something around to my family andfriends, you know? And like I said, it got to a point where I was like, OK, Ineed to start saving up because I'm in an RV, you know, and I don't want tostay in or damn RV, you know? So and then when I see it, I get up there. Andthen my management started talking to me about some gigs that she had linedup. I did the math in my head to where it made more sense just to save until Igot enough to pay for a house. You know what I mean? Like I said, God bless.That moment came quick. I went to l. A got work after work, you know, gigafter gig. Just hustled like I said, you know, because that's what I do. Iwork. I didn't, You know, I don't plan on stopping. I just want to keep moving,you know? And, you know, I'm just wanna make money, you know? I mean, just likeI said, I've been working since I was...

...14, in and out of potato warehouses.You know, I've done paying construction all that. You know, I've been at thesame warehouse for since the year 2000, you know? So I'm done laboring. Youknow what I mean? If I can you know what I mean. if I could be done withall that and get my dad out and help everybody else, you know around me,then then I hope that it can happen. You know what I mean? And if not, likeI said, that's all I've ever done was work. So there ain't no shame in mygame in going back toe work. You know what I mean? If I have to Yeah, forsure. Now that now the price just went up. E think everyone just, uh I think alot of people just like because you're you're just, like, positive vibes. Icould just tell right now, just like you've been positive. Like the wholeinterview and everything. Um, like, what? What advice would you give topeople, uh, that were trying to go viral like you on sick talk. Basically,what I got from Gary V, You know what I mean? He's good influence speaker thatI listened to When all that is just put content out. You know what I mean.Don't be scared to put anything out. You know, if you think it's dumb oranything, you know, if you don't like the video, put it out. You know what Imean? Somebody else might like it. You know what I mean? And just like I said,just keep content out. Put content out. You know what I mean? That's like,that's all I ever remember when I say his name, you know, shit like that, Butyeah, definitely. No, I think that's that's what I like about tic tac to.It's just like you could just, like, post whatever. And it might not blow upright away and my blow up, like, five days later so you could just beyourself. You know what I mean? That's what pays. You know what I mean? It'sjust the smiles, and that's what I get from it. You know what I mean? That's ahelp me along. You know what I mean? And if not, you can laugh at yourselfbeing dumb. You know what I mean? Yeah, for sure. What about I forgot to askyou. What about Fleetwood Mac? Did they reach out to you like personally? Yeah.Mick Fleetwood reached out to me a couple of times, you know, and hey,actually sent me a happy birthday on my birthday, A video message andeverything. It was dope. You know what I mean? It touched me in my heart, youknow that He read went out and did that on his own time and everything. Andyeah, if I can ever in the future, when this covert stuff knocks out, Knoxcomes down, you know, whatever. We can never meet. You know, that'd be that'dbe awesome. I just want to say, shout out to them. You know, Mick Fleetwood,Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, all of them. And, yeah, you know, shot tosleep with men for sure. Are you ready for the average of savage questions?Sure. What's your favorite song right now? Myfavorite song right now. I had to look up real quick, E. I was looking at whatI was listening to, but no e, I would say in 17 people. That's what I've beenlistening to lately. You know, pop out is what I started listening to you whenI got listening to them. So, yeah. Got you any dream Tic tac's you want to dowith somebody else? I want to do something with Bella porch. You knowwhat I mean? She's popping, you know, but yeah, that probably impossible. Oh,yeah, I saw some other thing where it was like, I think it was like guystraveled to you or something in the car. And then you did like, a tick tockdance with them. What was that? Well, yeah, Benny Benny that I can't rememberhis name. But it's been e There's something but yeah, And what they diotraveled across country toe do One came...

...from like North. I think it was NorthCarolina are extended. Can't remember that Now I think it was Carolina. Soare, Ah, Nebraska. Something like that R Ohio or some shit like that. But yeah,they came out, they decked out their car and my when my face all over it,and they drove all the way from point A to L. A. You know what I mean? And thenthey met me while I was there. I've seen it on tick tock. That's when Ireached out Thio told my management, you know, look at these guys. They'recoming from here, and they're like, No way are you gonna meet him? And I waslike, Hell, yeah, You know what I mean? Why not? You know, they came all thisway. Let's do it. We did it kicking with them. Did avideo get a couple videos? You know what I mean? And then got to skate withthem. Meet him. And like I said, it's dope. I got me each and every one ofthem. Follow him on all of them on instagram. I'll be doing a little videobecause I'm gonna dare him to do something. You know, he wants me to gethim to do something. So I've been thinking of what I want to do to havehim do it. I'm thinking if I want to make him do something crazy or makingdo something, just, you know, some from the earth or something like that, Youknow what I mean? Because yeah, we didn't start getting Earth backtogether for daring to plan a couple of trees or something like that. You knowwhat I mean or something? Um, yeah, I know. Like you said, it's like coverttime and things like that. But has there been any, like, crazy fan momentswhere you're just like, walking around and like, people just like pulled up toyou? Oh, that's everywhere. Everywhere they still like. I said When I got donewith my covert quarantine here and everything and I walked around, I waslike, Okay, they're gonna give me space. They're gonna be like, Yo, dude, youjust got done with Cove it, you know, on this and now you want to be near you.I had my mask on everything I was, you know, everything you know, it's whereyou can even see me on. And, you know, I don't small. So I guess they knew Iwas just by the looks, I guess. I don't know. But yeah, they come straight upstraight up, they can get a picture again to them like, Whoa, all right,whatever. Cool. You know, But it's cool, because lately, now I've been, you know,no matter what, mask up every picture now or whatever. Or if I take it off it,we keep space, you know? Because, like I said, it's still you just gotta takeit seriously. You know what I mean? That shit's fucked up. Yeah. Yeah, forsure. What about what are your goals for 2021? My goal is basically like I said is tohelp my mom and dad out more you know, just I want to get them, make surethey're straight, and I wanna make sure my dad don't have to work, you know?He's 62 63 years old, you know, or whatever. And yeah, it's about time forhim to stop already. E just wanna pay back. And like I said, I wanna pay forpeople. You know what I mean and shit like that. You know, everybody keepstelling, you know, you don't you know, you need to you know, you deserve thisand this and this, But, you know, that's the type of person I am. Youknow, e just like Thio like to help out people, you know, and shout out to mymom and my dad. You know, they raised me up that way. You know what I mean?Tell me with respect and everything, you know? Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Whatabout? Do you have any, like, favorite sports teams? Their favorite sportsWashington Redskins, Utah Jazz Lakers, Obviously. But yeah, I don't reallyhave been really watched it since then, you know, But like I said, I've beenwatching my Redskins. Obviously, you...

...know, all I can say, I was gonna askyour Native American, right? Yeah. So what? What do you think about the namechange? I don't like you Don't mean I don't agree with it. I know there's alot of people that don't agree with that as well That are native. You know,Like I said, we embrace a lot of words, you know, we embrace Savage, you know,but Redskins. I know a lot of people. A lot of us embraced it as well. I know alot of people don't like it, you know? So it's all on opinion, you know? And Ithink I think they should have left it, in my opinion, you know, and seeing thenative, you know, emblem on, you know, the helmet and everything to me, thatwas, you know, powerful. You know, it was assembling. And it was a goodsymptom in my in my perspective, you know? So yeah, and they could havechanged Name the Washington Skins or something like that, You know, You know,if they if they want it, so they're still renaming it, Maybe you could helpthem rename it exactly or just give it back. You know, e. I think so. I thinkthere's still hopefully they still like. Yeah, like you said, the Yeah, theemblem. Hopefully, they still use that because, I mean, you know what I mean.They're one of the company's logo. So yeah, with the Indians to or just keepthe feathers on it. Yeah, and then the Cleveland Indians and all that. Youknow what I mean? They just Yeah, everybody just needs to knock it off,man. Well, I appreciate you coming on. And could you let the listeners knowwhere they could follow? You have Follow me at dog phase two away on I G.Follow me at 420 dog. Phase two away on instagram and Yeah, go check out mymerch. Go get a dab, Nicholas. What do you know when the when the merch isdropping? In a week? Yeah, from what I heard in a weekend zoom, ease andeverything like that. So we'll be popping out with new lineup ofeverything, You know what I mean. So it's gonna be it's gonna fly. Going tozoom is and get one, then you What? What? You got any previews yet? Or not?You didn't put anything out yet? No, they had some. But they said Isupposed to get the rest today, but I gave a bunch of way to some of thesepeople that are walking by on the street. Thea e, hold it up and I'll putit on. Have one just to hold up for now. I don't, uh e just dogface all it hasmy picture. Then there's another one with embroidered emblem of me on askateboard with juice Has a mustache and everything. You know, just littlelittle guy, and it says dogface to await on it. Yeah, it's crazy what thisdog face shots out to average a savage.

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