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Fity and Haddy | Average to Savage EP171


This is the one hundred and seventy-first episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring entrepreneurs Fity (Bill Starkov) and Haddy the Creator (Marcus Hadlock). Paul Guarino talked with Fity and Haddy discussing their backgrounds, how they got into NFTs, and creating their NFT project Apocalyptic Apes.  

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This podcast interview with Fity and Haddy was originally recorded on May 6, 2022

This is the average to savage podcast with Paul Greno everyone in anyone, athletes, sewebs and much more. WHAT'S UP, everybody? Welcome back to another episode of the average savage podcasts. Our Special Guest Today Is Fitty, Aka Billy stark off. Billy, fitty, how's it going? I'm good. I'M NOT AKA Billy, I'M AKA FITTY dotty. Well, I did that. Well, appreciate you coming on. This is wild. We're doing a first, I don't even know what to call this, first interview with a virtual head and FT on your face. Well, I need to correct you, but ever since I got my board eight back in November, I wake up hungry for bananas and this is my face now. All right, so you're the founder of apocalyptic ape. So tell me a little bit how you got into Nft's and it what made you want to start a project? Well, that's a great question, Mr Pg. I got started it if tea's. Same Way most people look at NFT's is like, what is this stuff? Why am I paying so much money for a picture that is could be copied by somebody else? makes no sense, and so I started dabbling with it. I started dabbling with it. I got it to my nt community, I bought some project. I shouldn't probably name the name of it, but it's my lot's curse. On the show this shit, I had a bunch of people saying, Oh, I got the dy glasses, I got the I got this, I got the halo, I got the D eyes and all of a sudden I got I got the blazer beams, and a week later there's nobody in discord and the whole project was a rug and it was really a bummer because I still have fifty of those crappy things in my wallet. Second Project I got didn't do any better than I got into Pudgy Penguins. That did kind of is. Then I found a project called Um um one Omni Force Jr, who's one of my board eight buddies, and I realized they built a great community, they had great people. Logan Paul got in there. I mean about a probably thirty to forty, fifty sixty thousand dollars on a eight hundred of two thousand all investment. I don remember what it was, and I realize there's a future here and this really works. But what's missing here are the people are running these projects. Have no business experience, no understanding what a project is, no understanding what a community is, and these are things I do my everyday life and real estate. I buy properties, I sell properties. I am not a real estate agent, but I do my own development and so what I did is I brought my own style into that n if t's and I build communities and relationships and I care about people. People are important to me. Doesn't matter who you are, you know, it doesn't matter if you're an athlete, a celebrity or a person who just just need some help. I'll be there for you. And that's how I've been in my real life and I realized if I can apply that here and make a safe environment for people with they don't feel like they're going to take a loss, will have a great project. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Like, what what was the process of making your project? I know goes in a lot. I think I don't know if you want to talk about it. I know you had an idea first that you I don't know if you ever, I don't think you launched the first project that you thought of. Yeah, so we started a project to all the Holy Gloacamoli with my artist actually I started with another artist and I was launching it and Nice. I got my board eight halfway through and a lot of my artist kept drawing pictures of my Avocados with these apocalyptic apes and lips, kind of like the picture behind me had. He's eared mouth and ears, and I should have some of my board eight guys and they said, you know what, did you need to switch this stuff? Like, what do you mean? Because nobody apes them to welcome Ole your Avocados. They etnapes. And so I call them up. I said, dude, I have great news and great easy is. What's that? I said, we...

...are going to start a new project. We're going to get rid of these if Avocados. We maybe we could feed up to the apes. He said No, H doned Avocados. I said okay, well, maybe you could put it somewhere else, and he was really bummed out. He said I've already had a couple losses of my life. He did a couple other NFT projects that didn't work. I said, dude, I don't fail. I'm not going to fail. I will work my butt off to make sure this works. Let's get these apocalyptic apes off the ground. We will blow this thing up. We sold that Christmas morning. We have an amazing world map. We just launched our Queen Apes. We sold those out in three hours and we're on our way to some really big things. We've got huge plans for our project. Oh my God. Nice. And then, yeah, how did you find Hattie? Because he's a beast, so I believed. Okay, he says I dmed him. I remember him getting in touch with me when I was in the glucom Wood crack. I don't know. We just found each other through discord somewhere and I remember he sent me some of his work and I looked at it and I wasn't docks at the time and I immediately set in my numbers that give me your number, I want to call you. And we talked to like zero in the morning and I already knew we're going to do something. I just didn't know he was going to come into my project and we are business partners, were friends. I mean, he's amazing. He's just a good human being. Good, no, for sure. I mean I think that's the artwork attracted me to the project. I remember, I think it was a back in December and I got into a space where I don't even know how I got I was just space hopping and got into your space and then that's how I learned about them. And then I minted some and those are the first end of teas I ever minted. I bought a few on the secondary but that was the first mints I got. I don't know if you knew that. Did I remember you from day one. I remember your hat, your face. You're one of the first person's in my community that I connected with. Gave You my phone number and we both have a love of sports, so I did talking to a man. Yeah, for sure, I appreciate that. Yeah, and then, yeah, what's I know you kind of touch on them before, but what's the future for Apocalyptic Apes? And the future for Apocaly apes is really big. We've got music attached, we've got cannabis, we've got hem the whole story behind apes is we in two thousand and twenty one, where else supposed to be in apocalypse, apocalypse, and we kind of were. We had covid with plastic masks, gas masks, people dying, people going through some chaotic things, kids not going to school, going to the market and Spring Your shopping carts, putting wearing hazmat suits. I mean it was a pretty crazy three four years. So our whole mission with the apes apocalypse gaps and that's where behind what. That's what stands behind us. We're here to do some good. We want to bring plastic replacement and clean up our oceans, clean up our air, clean up this world. In the last three or four years, you know, I know people are pretty bummed out with covid but we've had a reset. We've had less school shootings, we've had less violence, we've had be a feature and oceans and less boats and less vehicles. So the air's cleaned up a little bit. So it was a world reset and I feel like the apes have come here to clean that up. One of my business partners is gold state help and Roy from Click, and they have something really, really unique. When you buy those star foam meat trays from the market, those are completely toxic. It's a plastic ingredient those meat trays, but you can finish your in and you know, whatever you eat usually costco or elps, whatever markets you have in your country, maybe Dan Murphy's if you're in Australia, and those meat trays are completely bad for you. They're just not good because that's why you have to put the paper underneath the chicken, the Fisher than meat. So if making those...

...product out of hemp, you wouldn't need that paper. It would be completely safe, it will be completely unique, biodegreeable and people wouldn't get sicker poison toxins in their bodies. So we have first patent technology with my partners right now to release that. We're going to be working on that. We were working on getting plastic bottles out of out of the oceans and out of our mouth. We're working on getting plastic straws, plastic cups. You go to starbucks, they won't give you a plastic Straw anymore and give you a paper Straw to drink your water, which is disgusting. But they'll give you a plastic straws stopper to put in your coffee so your hot coffee can melt that plastic in your coffee so you can ingest that. So that's kind of the mission behind that. We also have music attached. That's going to bring striving revenue streams. We've got steaking, we've got metaverse. We have a huge road map. If you'd like to take a look at it or talk to us. We're usually in twitter spaces. Or you can take it a look at our upsite at apocalyptic apescom. Yeah, for sure. And what advice would you give to NFT collectors project? I guess founders. Good question. My advice changes daily. I think the the Tenzero PfP collection, when the utilities over, I think the cute monkeys and Chihuahua's and porcupines and laser eyes without any kind of value to the people that are buying it are over. So you've got to create value. Build your community, work really, really hard. Have our GROWTHA built out before you start your project. Have your art in place. Really think about it. And the biggest advice I tell people, and most people can't answer that would you ment your own projects? And most of the projects I've spoken to that are reaching out to me for help and I haven't really been able to help too many because I've been just so busy with with our projects, they can't even answer me. So I asked somebody, would you make your own projects? I said they say yes, of course, and I said why. Usually they don't want an answer. One of the things I do before we launch something introduce something I asked myself, does this makes sense? And, when I say does it makes sense, does it make sense not only for me? Does it make sense for somebody who lives in Indonesia, somebody lives in China, somebody's in Australia, somebody who lives in Bangladesh? Maybe do buy, because a lot of times people don't realize and if tea's are international. So we have to do things that work for the whole world, not just for one person. Yeah, now, definitely was a great advice. Are you ready for some fun questions? What's your what's your favorite sports teams? I do not have any more sports teams. I used to love the Lakers. I still love the Lakers, but I missed Kobe. I used to love the dodgers, but my dogs get separated every year and divided in. My favorite players got so are I'm a huge rams fan. One of my friends is Matt Stafford and a couple other guys in team. I know the pretty well and love the rams. Huge Rams Fan until they break them up and then won't like the rams anymore. It's hard to be a fan of sports teams because they're they're broken up. So back in the S and on, teams would kind of stay together. If you remember the whole team with Kobe and Lebron and all the people that played together, or even Nick Van Exel or Byron Scott and all these guys, those are teams of stay together and they die together and they live together and I love that. As I get older, I feel you, because the same, same kind of thing, like I kind of like falling certain players and things like that. All right, so we got Hatty, the Creator here, the creator of Apocalya Apes Haddy. So, like I just asked billy before, how did you guys meet? So tell me how you guys met. So now how both stories? A we met.

We met just randomly through discord. We were both kind of in the NFT grind. He was kind of promoting a project and I was, you know, trying to get involved as much as they could, anyway I could. And what I was doing back then was I was joining any project that had any kind of art contest. You know, I would see some posts on like twitter and stuff doing our contest. Some of them had like whitelist giveaway, some had like they give you free nft or they give you some meat or something like that. So I was I was kind of scouting for those discord and he messaged me and was talking about his server, his project that he was promoting, and I kind of let him know as an artist and we just talked from there and I basically, when I found out he was like one of the founders of the project, I asked him if whether it's like anything I could do to help out. You know, I didn't expect to like be brought on the team or anything, but like if I could do you some sort of marketing materials or some additional artwork to kind of help drive high or use in twitter or like the website. And so, you know, we got on a phone call that same night actually, which was kind of weird for me. You know, I'm not the extroverted type that that phitty is, but when he liked was like hey, let's get on a phone call. Game is fun of rose. Okay, let's do this, and it was a little uncomfortable, but you know, I'm glad I did. I'm glad we went forward with it because, you know, it was that then, the shual conversation, that ended up sparking this whole thing. So that's how we met. Well, your story checked out. It was pretty much the same. Okay, cool, yeah, remember who called who? I just remember you sent me your art and, yeah, and it was the waste Lem Warriors, and I done that and I'm usually not into that art. But you know, and from somebody who's never really bought any art, earths fends of art, I've become a freaking art critic, which is really crazy. You're a monkey critic now. Well, what happened? Was One thing, I tell you. So I had all the stuff behind me and all the stuff that used to be called cash or money, and I don't know what to do with any work. Nobody uses it looks like looks like monopoly money to me. No, no, I just I'm just converting you into doachecoin and eat. Now. There you go. All right, so, Hattie, so, I know being an artist is tough, especially like selling your art and things like that. So what does that been like to see so many people buying your artwork? Yeah, it's so, so surreal because, you know, like you said, yeah, I've always I've always been an artist and I've tried so many different endeavors and tried so hard to build some kind of a following, not like because I needed it, but just like to get to a point where would like be able to sustain it, you know, because I've always valued it, I always loved it, but I've had to be like a closet artist because you know there's not a lot of money there. When you tell people that you're pursuing art in college and she'suly like scoffed at like goodlook with your like you know that's it's not a lucrative career and people don't see it as I'm going to be a lawyer, you know, like it's not. You don't get the same prestige from that. So yeah, and even for me, like I had to take a corporate job support of my family. I started having kids pretty soon after I got married, so that was mandatory. But I always look for creative jobs. Like my first job was like a graphic designer and then I got brought in for this big education education company and you know, my understanding was I'd be doing creative work, but the corporate life kind of quickly evolved and changed and I was more doing development work and front end and you know that the creative stuff just kind of dwindled out over the years. So, yeah, I've always been this closet artist. So a couple years ago I started a youtube channel called how to you the Creator. It's kind of I mean I've always had the nickname Hattie, but having the creator kind of spawned there and I started doing youtube videos weekly, just trying to do anything I could to be more creative, to not let that outlet or that part of me kind of die out because, just like anything else,...

...like a muscle, you have to exercise it or it goes away. You can't looks full because you will worked out every day in your tent s directs your life. You know, doesn't work that way. So so yes, that's what I was doing and you know, I've kind of told lots of fail different times, which you know, back then it felt that way, especially after doing it for a full year and barely getting any kind of traction, any subscriber base. You know, I did get to Tenzero, which you know is pretty amazing and I was proud of that, but I got the income from that was close to nothing. You know, I was like three hundred fifty bucks, but man, I could have made more money flipping burgers for McDonald's for a week, then what I made for from Youtube for a whole year. Yeah, so, I mean that was kind of frustrating, but the same time I felt like my skill, my drawing skills, had gotten a lot better, a lot sharper, and it was after doing that for a year that I kind of started making this transition into crypto and and FT's. So it just kind of set me up perfectly for a slam dunk into in this space. And now that's dope, because I feel you too, because, like we're going in sports and you know, a lot of kids get sports management degrees and don't work in sports because there's like it's hard to get jobs and and then they don't pay you a lot and you have to take jobs and then you might not get promoted and things like that. So definitely, yeah, you on that. And then yet, how about some fun questions for you both. How did you guys both get your nicknames, Fitty and Hattie? So I have a really, really good friend of mine. He she looks like fifty cent. So every time I go out somewhere with him, he would people would scream fitty fitty, and we were actually going to Laker game about two years ago. My years disappearing. Well, and somebody started screaming any finely, chase us in a car. So I thought I was kind of funny that people and he actually looks like fifty seven, which is really funny. He didn't really does, but I just didn't feel like going in here fifty cents of of I feel like dudes poor. So we need to go to fitty. That's how I got my name. So people screamed it at you in the streets and then I just thought those yeah, I just wanted something kind of cool, but I didn't didn't like fifty cents. I'M FITTY A lot. And what it and what is fitty worth right? FITTY E for worth right now? It's worth about ten right under a CRYPTO punk. That's how I know everything. I need sixty four cryptopunk. I still want to get a crypto punk. I don't know why, but I still won't. Patty came from my last name. My last name is had lock, and so there was there's a time in my life where I was known by my last name. Basically, I was growing up like very Orthodox Mormon, and you know that, for everybody knows the Mormon missionary. So I did that the Mormon missionary thing. So I was known by my last name during the whole phase of my life and from that that he's fall asleep over there. I was little known. Is hadlock. You know, so and had lock and people are always kind of looking for a ways to short net hadd he kind of spawned out of that and different people actually lived in Puerto Rico. People in Puerto Rico, with their accents, would would not know how to pronounce the full hadlock. It's kind of an awkward name to say with the thick Spanish accent. Kind of had e spawn from there. And so yeah, so that that's where Hattie came from and then I kind of used it as my online art avatar or persona per se. So hats do. What's really not dope about his name is every time I try to call them and is really in this Marcus, we could say that now, or fellow and I look totally ducks. Yeah, I'm dogs and we all dogs from Paul. I believe, your dogs to go in my in my phone. After I'm talking about and calling hetty for so much, I'm looking for hiding. There's no heady in my phone and it drives me crazy, like I literally could up my phone with hetty. You know. You know it takes two seconds to change that nickname in your phone, right, but that wouldn't have the story if I came on here. There you go. There you go. Last one. Tell me something...

...that you guys admire about each other. Is it might trying to go first. Yeah, absolutely. That depends on how good my compliment gets those well, let's see, if I get real deep and pulling some hard strings, you might try harder. I'm just kidding. So yeah, so when I first met fitty and we started talking, he was really, really charismatic, you know, like he's just amazing. I talking to people and I might even be mad at him sometimes because of a decision, like I wanted to pull it one way, he pulled it another way, and you know, like things like that. Like sure, it's true we're running together in a lot of ways and you know, we don't always agree on things, but he gets me on the phone and I'm Honree Adam and I'm trying to be upset at him because I don't know my own self gratification. I want to be angry at him for a minute. He gets me on the phone and he just has a way of calming you down and and, you know, getting you not to stress. It's kind of a kind of get rid of that anxiety. And then when we have these high pressure moments, he's really good at dealing with that and I've been very impressed with how he deals with that. I'm the type that kind of gets more emotional and freaks out. So I don't know what's going to happen like this reveals not coming out on time and people are stressed like that was kind of really stressful for me and I get emotional and don't know how to deal with that very well, and he always comes me down and he manages it very professionally and he's, you know, just very good at handling those high stressed situations and that's been something I've really been impressed with with him too. So there are two good ones. That'st over. I gotta put a go on now. He's like he's a decent artist. Now I'll tell you. So He's a great dad. He's an amazing artist. And what thing about him? He's super, super creative in detail, and I am not creative and detailed. I do not even know how to draw an elephant and he's a really nice person and we have a super cool dynamic, like I know what I want and I'm able to tell him and he's able to deliver that. And we always have this thing right before every time we go to launch or something, he does something, I don't love it, he gets mad at me, hangs up on me, and then I kept them back and I say, Rokuay, this is a good sign, because now you hate me. In an hour of get something amazing and it's going to look ridiculous and we're going to sell this collection down thirty minutes. And that's what happened with the Queen's that's what happened with Apes. He has, he has a way of listening to people, understanding what they're looking for and delivering that which is insane. And I mean his art is probably the best I've ever seen, and I mean we were playing around where he drew like Dj collead Obra, just a little little drawing. He did in five minutes and they actually look just like them. I wish I could like fine those and throw those out, but there's somewhere in the discord history. Yeah, and that was so strull for like three days yeah, he has a talent of something I don't have. I do not know how to draw, I do not know how to put ideas on paper. So we have a perfect Combo where I know how to deliver, I know how to sell something. When there's when it's a great product. When you don't have a great product, it's a very it's a big it's a big problem for a lot of people. I don't care if you're a car manufacturing, a toy store, clothing line, you have to have a great product and Haddie can really deliver something cool. As a matter of fact, we're going to do some breathing pretty soon. We're going to make some babies. I'm really excited. I can't wait to show you guys what those are going to look like, because they're going to be insane. Just just think of cute baby apes kind. I'm already so excited about that. So, but the biggest thing. He's a good dad. He's a great hute, cute by apocalyptic right, cute, but mutant. Well, we're not. We're not saying that yet. But he's a great dad. Every he draws with his child. He's got a ten month old now, right. That actually I think seven, seven months. Well, he draws with his baby...

...in his hand. He's a great dad. He came out. He's got seven kids. He came out with his kids. I've got three. We took ten kids to dinner. He's a good person and you know when you have a good person and you've got talent. He's a great dad, he's a great husband. I mean he's just a super nice guy and I think that's important because I'm not that nice of a guy. I'll work hard and make sure I'll make sure that people deliver when they have to, when they promise me. I could be nice, but I'm also going to be stern. As a matter of fact, I believe about ninety eight percent of our team's gone because they didn't have faith in us. They didn't have faith in our art and face on a delivery, didn't have faith in anything. So guess what, that's the one successful thing that had. He understands, and I understand you have to do in business. You have to evolved, you have to stay with the Times. You can't doubt yourself. Yeah, now, for sure. Well, I forgot to ask you also like tell me a little bit about you, your involvement with Meta drug. So Nikki, Sticky Edo Nick Nicky diamonds are my business partners and even before I met Marcus, they came to me with this project and they wanted me to start a project called board of the Apes, and board of the apes is going to be like incubator for safe projects. And if you guys don't know nicky diamonds, he's partnered of Chris Kardashian on a hot sauce. One of his best friends is Rob Kardashian, friends of Snoop Dog. I mean you name it like we diamond supply company. Yeah, yeah, Diamond Supply Company. So I'm really excited to be a part of that team because a lot of the people in apocalypse gates and the popular Queens asked me for a white list. I'm terrified to bring white list. I don't know these people. I don't know what they're going to do, they if they get into these projects. But when I have people like Nikki or the other day we had Guyo, series Danna's agent, pop in there to say hello, we had, I mean bobby from one hundreds, I mean nick knows everybody, which is great. So I feel like it's a really good space and it's a really awesome thing. And how do he will definitely be doing most of the art for future project with us. So it's a great clap and a great partnership for us to have going forward so we can bring with Jim to see the space. Yeah, that's awesome. I can't wait to see that project and actually, if ever, whoever listen to this, I'm going to be having Nikki diamond's on that to as four, episode one hundred and seventy five. Awesome. That's awesome. Yeah, Nicki's been a friend of mine for a really long time. He's also my neighbor. He's also super, super great guy. Like if you don't know him, if you need something, he's there for you. Yeah, for sure. All right, guys. Well, I appreciate you coming on and could you have the listeners know where they can follow you guys? Are you think can follow me in on twitter? I'm that Fadeth Fi ty etch. There's no dot on twitter that don't allow it. You see how you flip that how to follow you guys and slip its. Well, I'm gonna let you just tease of you. You know, I know I can say there's apocalyptic gapescom is our website. I'm just, I'm just giving you a hard time. That's the main website, but if you want to go there, I'd recommend clicking the link and open see just to be safe. I mean, unless you're a good type, pretty sure you put it in right, but there's there's quite a few copycat, you know, false ones out there that have, you know, button really unique in similar domain names and things. Just be careful, as cryptois. But yeah, we have a we were on twitter as well, apocalyptic gaps, and we also have another twitter acount for our Queen Naps Collection, which we just sold like a couple weeks ago. So yeah, check us out. And what about your handle? Yeah, I I I'm the Hattie at the Hattie on on twitter. There you go. Boom. Pretty Weird, man. I never use twitter before and now I'm like that's all I use. Well, you know what, the base the safest thing I want to add here for everybody who's listening. So there's been a lot of fake stuff going...

...on, a lot of fake links. When you go into discord, close your DM's. If your mom says your link, get rid of it. Don't click on links. If you were to find us on our project, go to apocalypse, apocalyptic gapecom and that's why I talk about twitter. If you go to twitter, I have a link tree. The hattie has our apocalyptic gape site. You could also go through discord, but if you do just click on official links. Even if you get a DM meet for me or from Hattie or somebody on our team, most likely it's not one of us. There's been a lot of a lot of things. Spend a ton of time daming people. Yeah, a lot of fake he's going on? So fittyeth is verified on twitter and so if you go it's also very not on to what. I'm sorry, I'll on open sea. So I'm both man both. What's that? I say, you got that check mark on Bolt. Actually, do I have that on Fitty on my twitter? I thought you did. I don't think so bad. Let me chat. Oh well, I'm a layer that. You know what happened yesterday? A fake stucky account followed me on instagram. It was weird. I see all that. I saw that. That's why I'm saying that because a lot of people don't know. You can get fake instagram, you can get fake twitter. So if you get a DM from somebody to ask you for your seat Fraser Wallet. Don't do it. Come ask somebody you know, reach out to one of us will answer you on just twitters, a safer place to communicate. Three DM's. Yeah, yeah, now for sure. Well, guys, appreciate you, guys, having on and obviously I'll be we'll be talking again and yeah, looking forward to what happens next. Cool. Thanks, thanks, Paul.

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