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Jack Settleman | Average to Savage EP164


This is the one hundred and sixty-fourth episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring entrepreneur Jack Settleman. Paul Guarino talked with Jack Settleman discussing his company Snapback Sports, how he got into NFTs, and being an owner in the Fan Controlled Football League.   

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This podcast interview with Jack Settleman was originally recorded on January 20, 2021

This is the average to savage podcast with Paul Greno everyone in anyone, athletes, swebs and much more so up everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the average savage podcast. Or special guests today is Jack Settleman. Jack, How's it going? It's going great. How are you doing? Ball? Doing good. Appreciate you coming on. I've been, you're, checking your stuff out for a while. So I definitely wanted to get you on at a good time and I think now's a good time with you know, nft is just exploding outs. Yeah, they really are. I think it broke open. See this morning you've got looks rare as a new platform so that we can trade in our downtime. They're they're really going crazy. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Well, we'll get back to that and a little while. But I wanted to jump into a snapback sports or the founder of that. How did you get that all started? I was a senior at ut Austin. I had been running an e commerce site, starry, my sophomore year with my best friend and roommate. We're putting phonecases, t shirts with sports designed, but we're advertising all through social media, and so I realize, you know, our margins were great on the phone case, but after advertising cost we were paying these pages. They weren't excellent. So I was like, what if I just own the platform and then could advertise our stuff? So Ig was busy, twitter was busy, so I went to the snap. We built the largest sports snap and just under a year rolled that into what is now a Mani sports media company. But that is the origin story of snapback sports. Yeah, it's Nope, that's funny. Yeah, so sure, you started on all these other platforms, but you picked snapchat because you were saying they didn't get back to you know. They snap was just the, I would say, the least utilize platform and people had told me when I jumped on to snap, you know in this little social media world there's these fourteen year olds on kick, messenger and Group me who run the world that you would never know about unless you participate it. But they said, you know, people have tried supports on snap but there's no audience for it. I said that's crazy to me. I know funny content performs better, it's a bigger audience. But like there's sports fans. I know that, and so I kind of just went through trudge that had stayed stubborn grinded, and you know, now we've got over eight hundred thou subscribers on the channel. Yeah, that's awesome. And then like yeah, would did you ever think it was going to become as big as it is now? Of course not. Who would ever think that, you know, something I started in a senior college dorm room would turn into what it's become? But it's been awesome to see the rise and I think we've still got a lot of work to do. Yeah, yeah, for sure, like I pretty much for the past, like, I don't know, maybe like you're you're you're in some change, like I've been seeing you like all over the place pretty much with like NBA top shot. What you with your own company? I've seen you on like commercials and all difference in how has that been for you? Just like, I mean, I feel like you blew up.

Yeah, we definitely feel like we had a little moment. I credit a lot of that to my business manager, Alex Sheiman, and because of that, you know, we started an agency, snapback agency, which reps other digital creators. What we learned is people are excellent at content creation. That's why they amass these large followings, and then there's two next steps. One is kind of brand deals, monetization, making money, using your influence in great ways to earn the keepsake that you deserve. I think some people have solved that, they figured out. But two is exactly what you just mentioned. It's being in the right places, it's networking with the right people, and we have those relationships in the sports world, bleacher report, ESPN, the score, barstool whistle, all these great companies, and so that is how we give the feel that I'm everywhere right now, because we're working and we are plastering our faces in the right spot. So because of that we started the agency, which has been really fun to work on and help others kind of get the same place where we feel like we are now. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. I mean it's been awesome to see everything. And I know your big advocate of NBA top shot. So how'd you get into that? Yeah, that's like the perfect blending of covid and the life I was living and all these things. So I went home in March from New York, back home to Maryland. At the beginning of Covid I got into sports cards. Gary V was talking about him a little. I had a buddy who had been talking about them and I wasn't like a huge collector growing up, but I'm a huge sports better. My first job out of school is Action Network, and so sports betting's kind of in my blood and because of that, if you bet on a player this year, let's say you bet on I always use this example. Last season you bet on Josh Allen of the bills to win the MVP. Finished second. You want no money. You thought the bills were gonna have a great season. They lose an AFC championship. You went no money in sports cards. If you bet on Josh Allen, you made a lot of money, and that's because these aren't zerosumb wager. So I really like that. What I discovered, though, was you got a physically ship and handle these things. You got to take pictures, put them on Ebay, and I had been in crypto currency, and so top shot comes around and it is the perfect blend of all these factors in the fact that I can list it from my computer. I had moved three times during covid so I didn't have to bring cards with me. I could just take them in my digital wallet and if finally clicked that these digital assets have value and it really just popped off. I dove in. Have first and top shot. It's been an incredible year. I love top shot. I love Dapper labs with their building. It's been fun. Yeah, definitely, it's been awesome to see that as well. It's twenty that you say, just like carrying around like cards, and so, because I sold some digital hats of my own. Yeah, like these, and then like I had to send outs on the other day and I was like, yeah, this is this sucks. Like I didn't have to do anything...

...when people bought them, they just went straight to their wallet, exactly. So that's it's pretty funny. And Yeah, I know you're a part owner in the fcf league, so tell me how that came about. And I know you guys won the championship the wild ass last year. We did. We are the champions of the league the inaugural season. So that came about because what snap back sports is built upon is the fans, and we call in the family the snapback fam and so you know, I'm always posting my opinion, hearing there's voicing their's, showcasing their's, and so we're always talking about like stupid play calls or what this team should trade for. And so when I saw the FCF, not only the tech but the idea, the concept behind, I was like we have to get involved. We traded emails. We actually didn't hear from each other. By accident. They send the wrong email. They didn't get mine. It went to spam. Eventually gotten touch. It made sense. They took a shot on us, we took a chance on them. I had interviewed Austin necklar on the pot a couple times, so we had a relationship there. I knew it was the perfect team and really Greg Miller and kind of funny drove us that championship. Their leadership, their excellence, their community has just been superb. So that was season one. Season two comes around. You talked about me getting into top shot. Now we got nft teams. I'm part of the NFT project, the night's Djam, which has been amazing. We got a squad, so I'm shifting my ownership over to them. Super pumped for that. I think the league starting up in April. Four season, two days. Raise forty million bucks and it's awesome. I was down there in Atlanta the championship. It's a really cool, cool Y. Yeah, now getting into knights of Djen's, like you create that's you're the cofounder of that and of tys right. Yeah, I am part of the founding team. Yeah, that's no. So what made you want to create your own project? So I kind of wanted to be a part of the learning process of web three and what it being part of a project entailed. I had no clue. But you know, great leaders and Drew Austin and Jared Augustine and we had a developer and we had an incredible artist and Blake and Mike and their squad, and so I kind of just fit in perfectly. It's sports, sports betting. It was a cheap entry point three on your bucks at the time and I was like this is perfect for me. I can learn alongside these great people. We've hired people full time. We got the FCF team or super well connected, and so it's been a great experience. Crazy, I think it's been like four months, because in that NFT, well, people will forget about you in a week. But we've held strong and it's been great. Yeah, and ift space just been like not like projects are coming out like every day, like if you don't, I don't know, dying, rising everything, like it's nuts, like I feel like exactly way, like I feel like I missed a day. It's like missing like a week or two or something exactly. It's crazy. But yeah, even even that to like a lot of people are keep on contacting me like Oh, I want to...

...do a project, and I'm like, it's not. It's not easy like they think it's, like it's you just get a million pictures and throw them up and try some yeah, I feel pretty passionate about that. So let me take some time to just help others understand. I don't know if I fully understood the amount of time and energy jared, who's the CEO of enthusio and Julius, actually they just were acquired by triller. Like he's probably going to come work full time at nights, not that he's not already putting twenty hours a week into it. The time requirement. This is a full time business that you're building. That's why we had to hire multiple people. We may have to fund raise to you know, we minted and we made a lot of money for the treasury from that, but like, we want to hire people, we want to market, we want to advertise, we want you're building a business. Now. Some people get lucky and they create cryptoads and because they're a funny artist and a couple, you know, and if t whales by and you don't need to deliver a anything. But you want to be like board apes, you gotta deliver. You want to be like nights, you got to deliver. And so don't just start a project because you think you're going to make a hundred grand easy. That's not what it's like. Yeah, yeah, now, for sure, that's how I mean. It's a it's a I don't even know how to explain it to people anymore at this point. I'm just like, like, it's not just like anything else and not easy, but I think every one just like seeing it in like you said, it's a business and I don't think a lot of people realize that, like they're not even even people that have their own projects right now going into you're also so you got a lot of titles in a lot of different things. So you're also the head of winning of underdog fantasy. So tell me, what the Hell does that me? Yeah, so you know how Kannie West is the something is something at Adidas and you know we've got all these fun job titles. So we created that for me. We have a yearlong partnership with underdog fantasy. It's our, you know, gaming partner of choice. I think the APP they've built, a product, they've built, the team they've built is just so awesome. So people want to you know, part of snapbacks mission is create an environment for the new age sports fan to feel comfortable, and one of those things is, you know, we have our opinions. So we have outlets for that. You can dm me, you can comment on Instagram, tell me I'm wrong. But if you want to actually put money behind your instinct, then you can do that too. And so underdog has been a great partner in that sense, whether it's in fantasy football, whether it's their pickum stuff where you can predict if Lebronso score over under thirty points, and so we partner with them. Gave me a fun little title because I haven't lost in the playoffs yet. I'm three in o in the NFL playoffs. I'll have another pick coming out, probably for Saturday and Sunday. So the head of winning has been coming through big time. I I like that yeah, I don't know. I was on it and I got to use it, but now for some reason it's not allowed in Connecticut or something. Yeah, yeah, Connecticut dropped...

...there. So legalities, you know, New York just legalize sports betting, but we've had pick um for a little because the game of fantasy sports, and so Connecticut had it. They change their rules, which is a huge bumber when that happened, but most of the states can play. You'RE gonna have to train in if you want to take the head of winnings pick well, I'll just have to go over the line real quick and just make some pis. Yeah, yeah, so, like what else are you looking to? It forward to and twenty twine two. I saw on your instagram you had a list of twenty two goals. So I like that that you post it because I do kind of the same thing everyere on twitter and I could like sometimes I forget even when I wrote and I and sometimes I do what I wrote and I didn't even know. Yeah, now that's definitely a thing I was talking about the other day. I think posting on social you know. As for me, I'm in content. Someone called me like an influencer of sorts, although I don't love that word, but my wins are celebrated, like you said, like you see me all over the place, so you know what's going on. A lot of people have no clue, like what others are doing, their friends, their family even, but definitely not colleagues. And so putting that stuff out there, being vulnerable and sharing, I think, is a really strong thing, the public pressure, even though no one really cares if you do your roles or not, but actually feeling like they do, you know, it can be helpful. So I like to do that. The Year of twenty two is about scale, it's about growth. So some of the goals were bringing on employees. It's launching more shows on snapchat, it's expanding, but have to say true to what we want to do, not just doing stuff to make more money or have more reach for no reason. Yeah, yeah, for sure, like even, like you just said, just like showing people, because a lot of my friends are just hit me up because I was like post a lot at stuff and like trying to get into it, and I told him, like I made money off the certain ones or whatever, but then like one one night, at like two am, I made a major mistake and I was like checking rarity tools for this one that didn't get released and and then I thought I got a rare one and I looked at it the next day and the one number was like off. It was like a six instead of a five, and I was just like it was late. Yeah, and I was saying yeah, so I posted that because I want to show them that you can lose money too. I was like, Yo, I just lost like a thousand dollars because I look at the wrong number at to it. Yeah, that's a great point. I think sharing the loss is I mean right now, if you go on your NFC twitter FEEDC people bought board APS at three hundred bucks and they're worth their quarter million dollars and it's like people, there's just as many people had sold for a thousand that didn't make two hundred and Forty Tho more. So it is good to be conscious of the both the winds in the losses. Yeah, for sure. What what advice would you give to other content creators that are coming up wof that's a tough question. Come sign with the agency first. I'm kidding. I would say I...

...one piece of advice that I think it's lost sometimes because of the pressure of all the different platforms and all the different opportunities. Is I'd rather go deep, really deep, one platform before I go wide on a bunch. So people who are starting up, it could be, you know, a new business, and they feel like they got to have twitter content, instagram, snap, Tick Tock, all that stuff. I would rather just hammer down, you know, evaluate the market, see what type of content is going to work best and go deep. Then you can kind of drive elsewhere. So for me, like I start on snap and we just we were snap only for like over a year and a half. Then we started drive to Instagram, then we started drive to twitter. Like still snapbacks twitters Fivezero people. We have eight Hundredzero people and snap. And it's not that I couldn't drive five thousand more people, most likely, but it would take time, it would take energy and if we're not going to sustain I don't want to spread myself too thin. So I would say go super deep before you think about going super why? All right, I like that. You ready for some fun questions? I am. Let's do it, all right. What are three jerseys that you want that you don't Whoo, that I don't own? Okay, I neither in an annual quickly jersey. I got sports card to him, I got topshot moment at him. I got, you know, all the fat, but I need an Iq Jersey. I probably could use like a retro Drow Flaco Jersey. That's obviously the quarteract that I watch growing up. And then the last would be like a Steph Curry Jersey. He's just so polarizing. He's an incredible player and everyone loves a good scat thirty. All right, like that. All Right, so the super bowl is coming up. I'm going to release us for the Super Bowl. So what are your super bowl picks and who would be the MVP? Okay, I said it preseason. I did at my ravens in it. We got injured. You know, it was a tough year. But with the team from the NFC, and they've only gotten better and I believe in them. Is the rams. I think they got a great shot against the bucks this weekend. I think they would have a great chance against the packers of the niners. So I'm rolling with the Rams. Stafford's going to win Super Mvp. It's going to be the greatest mockery of the Detroit Lions Franchise we've ever seen. He leaves your one does the whole thing. And then I think the FC championship is really this weekend between the bills and the chiefs. I said bills in my predictions. I'm starting to lean the chiefs now. I'm not going to make that pick till probably close to game time. But for you, Paul, I'll say rams over the bills in the Super Bowl. All right, I like that. I don't know why, but I just I just can't. I don't even like Tom Brady that much, but like, yeah, I just got to go. I just gotta go with Tom Brady. Yeah, that's a probably a safe like that. And and if he wins again, like he just has to retire, like I think.

I thought he should just retired on top last sure, just because, like the a hole, I mean, I guess best. Yeah, yeah, like his best here ever this year. It's not. So I'm if Tom Place Tilly Sixty, I'm cool. I'm excited. All right. What is? What are? Something people don't know about you? Who? Okay, something people don't know about me, I would say the majority of people, is that I have a underlying hair disease called a Lapisha Arietta. It's funny because, like I said, I started senior year of college. When I was in late middle school through high school and Early College, I actually didn't have really any hair. I didn't have eyelashes, eyebrows. It's a hair disease, like Ryan chaizier has, Charlie Ville in a wave, Josh jobs. Those are a few athletes that people might realize. But what's funny is like because of that, I was, you know, a generally shy kid growing up, and then I hated public speaking. I just didn't even like, you know, being out and putting myself out there. Now I'm on Freaking TV and doing, you know, shows and like you couldn't tell right I'm not wearing a wig like this, is it? Naturally somehow grew back. It was somewhat short of a miracle. So I'd say that's probably the thing that most people don't know about it. Yeah, that's dope. I feel you too, just like I don't even I never really liked to, I guess, public speaking and all this. Now I'm doing a podcast with on camera like before. I when I first started was just audio, like I was just like literally calling people and things like that. Yeah, and I think coronavirus kind of help me, because I was just going like Instagram, w pretty much like every day, because there's nothing to do, literally nothing, and now it's just it's that's why it's funny. Two. I was talking to somebody the other day like two thousand and nineteen. Like to do a video call would have been like so weird to people nuts. I mean we we did. I want to say we did three or four interviews on our podcast before covid hit, and all four of them were just phone calls through blue jeans or whatever. No one was and zoom really helped the all the athletes celebrities learn how to use it. So now it's almost assumed you're doing video. You have to say if you're not going to do that yet. Yeah, for sure, and I forgot for up to ask you. I know you have a podcast to so what about who's like some I know you had a lot of big guest ory, but who's some guests that you still want to get that you haven't got yet? Yeah, so I've never had a raven and I've never had a nick and those are my two favorite teams. It's insane and so you know, I created snap back. I started I brought in my cohost, which is my best friend Abe. We've had multiple eagles. We had Davante Smith, who was their top draft pack. We draft pick with Lane Johnson. It was their best. So alignment, like we have had players that he, you know, looked up to or so excited to meet and we still never had a raven or nick, which is pretty crazy. So the Oldtiman goal is themar from the Ravens,...

...just because we call him the baby goat. That's our quarterback. But overall, Chris Paul's my favorite player and I was so think you super intelligent, you know, head of the Pi and stuff. So he's really the player I would love to just shat it up with. Yeah, for sure. Like I had, like Nellie is my favorite artist, and I got him on wow, and then after that I was like yeah, I don't know if I could do any more pocket I was like Hey, yeah, you hit my press of verse. Yeah, that's crazy. How was that interview? I didn't see that. It was all. I mean, it was awesome, like I didn't fanboy out. I waited till that. I waited to the end. It's time, like he had no idea. It's only three years to get them so right, but it was cool. Yeah, so, I mean, yeah, you definitely got to get a ravens player and a Knicks player. I mean I feel like it's inevitable. Yeah, absolutely. Well, Jack, I appreciate you coming on and could you let the listeners know where they a follow you at? Yeah, adds that back sports on all platforms and then I'm at Jack Settlement and settle man you can find me. Love Meeting New People, especially if they're listening to Paul's podcast and they got a pretty good lookout at life. So find me there. have me up any time.

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