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London Brown | Average to Savage EP22


This is the twenty-second episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring HBO's Baller actor London Brown. Paul Guarino talked with London Brown discussing his start as a comedian, life on the set of HBO's Ballers, and his future in stand up comedy & acting. Follow London Brown https://www.instagram.com/reallondonbrown https://www.twitter.com/reallondonbrown Powered by Ballsy https://ballwash.com/ Use the code PGSPORTS for 15% off

This is the average to savage podcastwith Paul Garno. Everyone in anyone, athletes, sweats and much more.This episode is brought to you by balls. The the makers are ball wash.Check out their website at ball washcom. Use the Promo Code PG sports forfifteen percent on. Keep the funk off your junk ball wash. WHAT'SUP, everybody? On back for another episode of the average savage podcast.Our special guests today is London Brown from HBO Ballers London. How's it going? Appreciate you coming on. The shows me everything, everything focus and keepingit right there. Yeah, for sure. I alway died right into it.Could you give us, so the listeners, a brief summary about yourself? And I've been on this quite time and in high school I was thetheater and then at the high school, I want to wait to small schooland go on to figure it out, and on the ground I was teachingstuff like that I'm doing. Was a fundraiser as a teacher. That therewas the school had a fundraiser raise money for the students. This is theprincipal saw me up to do a comedy to do a comedy show because Iwas the fundraiser for the kids was the common show. Yea. So shesaw me up Utka. This is I think this is what I'm supposed todo, because I fobby felt like I had a place in society before then. Really you know that. Then I was like, okay, I dosome of the artistic things, but I would, I really would show mywhat the group was. But when I found said about the okay, thisis this is my my element. So I started working it from there andthen work cloth of mics. I was in a club one night did theHollyway and Prov and when I was there I had to meet Chris Tucker.Basically, and it's a quick server, that is the three minutes to me, Chris tumping. We stayed its contact deformation and I started working on onthe row with him for a few years. I did my first few show calledthe hustle, which was on all you, and then I did theI did that. So shout the Princess Penny, who is the show runup for so scure. I follow ball. Yeah, I just I was withthat, with all the ones to lease on that show. A realcray acted along the will plague to do his bay. But you got toshow as well we started both we both started on the hustle. Gotcha.So, with that in mind, I was two thousand and fourteen one ofmy brokers years. I'm right, my count like twenty dollars, man,it's so bucks, and I got a call from a friend of mine tellingme the age good was looking for me and I want to going this footballers, and that's kind of where we are with all of it. YEAHS gotso growing up, was that your dream to become a comedian and an actor? That was a plan. Yeah, I'm always. I'm always know Iwas going to be an artist. I didn't initially I thought was going tobe like an animated something for Disney.

Got, you know, do somethinglike that, to draw whatnot. But in flymber I enjoyed being in frontof people, be Fus, you know, the school plays and all the otherlook stuff. That was all that was was was there. So fromthat, you know, just trying to figure it out. But yeah,it's always been there, man, it's always been there. Didn't know howit come about it or when, but I knew I was going to bea hard as for sure. Yeah, just you going back, you startedas a comedian. So what was your know you briefly touch on it,but what was your breakthrough like in the acting industry? Really was the firstthing you said. I did called the hustle. Yeah, I said,because even though it wasn't feel the smaller network, it was number one.Of you that want and you know even know it was number one to alot of people don't even know about that. So, but that's so was key, because that directly you know that that guy, he the created these. He had to take a chance on. None of us of actor serious resumeslike that. You can like to Google and pull us up, andso for him to take that pick, because the nitty don't run that way. If they know you know like I know, you never been on nothing. We can't pull you up. But that's why I want you for thisproject, is because nobody knows to appreciate that, and I feel personally thatwas my real bring through and affirmation I supposed to do. If for sure, I mean that's what that's what anybody needs, just that one shot andthen boom. What I was going to do with the opportunity at all,for sure. So how about this? Could you break down what an auditionis like for people that never done it. Basically, process is basically like this, which is a representation. Another reason why bother. This super special. But I did really let's say you're a new act, the young Ido whatever. You have agents, managers, and so what the industry that theindustry sends out, if you will, at that signal. They say Yo, you for I use me. Will it for? Basically Act asWI can play between the age of twenty and late thirt athletic whatever. Tome, say something army or funny, well, all the other things thatpeople find me to be, you know, whatever it is Ms. they getthere, they get the breakdown and...

...they want to get to want toget to bring down. Send that to the quiet and say they have threeblack guys under there, that they're represented, and got me to hear more andChris me and they say, Y'all, good, Chris, he's a littleshort to hear, is a little heavier or whatever it looked after okay. Then going London, they called me in and I basically will mean reasonthe part y'all, y'all, think I can do this. I going auditionand then after that I leave it all on the table. You know,and I will also say this, Fray. After that is any young actor,whatever new, aspiring do this. Don't be discouraged by these audistance.Yeah, doesn't mean that you're not good. It just means that sometimes it's not. You know what they're looking for. Example of that is is Reggie.I mean, and intially there's nothing about me that is fat. YouKnow Me. So you all time in yours. Don't get disturbed, keepingand keep the faith, stay focused and you know, in all that goodstuff making yo can get discouraged and do all this in yesterday. Okay,I got one this in, and you do as the people think. Onceyou get a TV show on, you know that number one, at numberone, a great thing. Is a field. That's another incredible thing.It's with the biggest star in the world, the rock that's really great thing.And I'm legally show. That's another great thing. But that's not enoughto be sitting up here getting comfortable. Yeah, I said, you know, I'm still I'm still on the grind, still audition, I'm still us.I'm still on the you know, working comedy clubs, on the stepwith such on. But I hope that God to tell the way people talkto me, people think, because I'm on the show like, Oh,it's just it's on in time. Kind of things to be concerned about.I'm not necessarily concern about if I'm pat cool, you know my you know, but it's other stuff. You know it's about. Now it's so drybecause if I think, if I be comfortable, I can usually just slipinto a thing where I thought, you know, think I've been into myself, would become very surf advertizing and thinking it's about me and I'm I thought, putting people down, all the cities of the people's, all this stuffthat people do when they start from themselves and in and all that wildness.All want to be for both about this. But I just know that somebody's goingto here and be like Yo, I think that you'll could you wantto. So I'm like, Yo, you gotta stay husband did it,you know, hustling the proper way. You know what I mean, andand get it, because just because you want to show and it's number oneanuually and it's doing that wants stuff, none of that means nothing. Yougotta stay on the grind because just as soon as you be comfortable, youknow you done, then for sure you...

...can take it lost in the sauce. So how did you get the part as Reggie? The auditioning and voice, because I've been working all that week. I was dancing the word I usedto so I was working as a Corp Awesome on a project and myvoice was Horseman, and I went into Hollywood, over in Hollywood, Globthe Cays, a session Hollywood, and I was a horse. I toldhim, I say, understand what I'm send please, just, you know, get get back with me and and let me know man I again,or whatever you need to do. Yeah, and it was like no, wegood. I was, you know, I went in and they they say, Yo, keep playing like this, t play it like that, Ilike your bed. Yeah, maybe it just and because I went inon the audition as a test being, I was, you know, youknow, also like sprincer. If you don't have my friends money, youknow things are going to be over for you. And then go that's cooland all, but Yo, just, you know, keep playing a littlelight to make it funny. And that's when we started to develop ready,which is the annoying God. You know, maybe I'm a friend money man.Yo, done start and they go see, you got a call backand then on. This process was like was literally like two months. Man. I was like the long as all this ser price as I had beenin and I was living to do the head and it worked out and youknow, all sign credit for it, and I have to make sure Isay, I say that with all humility, that you know, God figured this. allmentors. It Ain't no reason. I should have booked the show likeballs. But I know representation is a HBO, a feeling, andI'll he's down. These be in the trenches. Look me every sure youknow I'm just I'm just a regular dude in the mix, and so putin the beat. For them to mess with me is the Gil Man.Those good other good book. So that's not it came about for sure,and I'm sure you get this one a lot, but are there any similaritiesbetween you and your character, Reggie, the loyalty? Yeah, my friend, don't try to pretend you know. I mean, I got you.Whatever you need. Let me know. I'm hold you down. But nowif you're not, but yeah, I'm out the way. That's the kindof stuff that I think the attitude. I'm not I'm not ready, I'mnot Flash, I'm really keep it for sure. For sure I could.I could tell. So when people run on into your like fans or whatever, they call you Reggie or London, you know it really is. Andvest people cool and some people pologize. Don't know what in the world understand. I mean, you know, shout...

...the time turns society. When Ifirst made him, I didn't, but I remember myself that was a bigyou know that. I don't call me, you know, based on all thisother world. You know. So I'm glad people even acknowledge me.For sure, when when someone says like Reggie or something and you're like turnedaround like the other way. You can't see them, are you? Areyou like what's going on, like you know, like you respond now Iknowed the knowledge. I'm super at real blending brow. I going in andthey'll see you sid of all day. But I know that is I've beenon that side where people want to people just want to be a knowledge likethey don't know what to say. Sometimes they don't Yo understand. I'm toget a real down to earth I'm approachable, but from there. So overall,what's your experience been like working with the cast of ballers? So,overall, what's your experience been like working with the castle ballers? Everybody's superhumble, man, everybody's approachable and something that I can appreciate, because sometimesyou can act men. So I'm walking as I'm doing this, as I'mwalking, it's walking to about to walk for another one and at the sametime, but on the ground, you sis or whatever. That's all goodand that and that's what makes the environment super dope as far as working init, because I know, you know, he goes. Everybody's approaching, everybody'skill. And I know that because when I learned to people who arefans of what I do, he tell me, said your boy such suchfrom the show man. He was cool. Told my good many body cool.We don't get down like that. Man, everybody. We everybody chill. Man With anybody on that you know, if or if you run into somebodyon the show and they weren't in good energy, you know that thatwasn't that's not I'll go ahead and speak up on them and just say thatthey just probably having an off day or something, ain't they not like that? Man, and I give an example because I have somebody walk upon meand and not to bring any of you down, but my brother wait,my my brother home real quick. Hit Me. My brother was taking abouttwo thousand and fifteen and I remember I was going through this whole thing inmy car one day. I was I'll go graessons dinner and I was goingthrough it. I was crying every single car, and I mean I hadI was going to. I mean I was a wreck. And then whenI walked to too, I walked to...

...the restaurant, I blush, Iread and everything. I Walk to the restaurant and there was a do daresay young man wants to show you might have for get, a photo ofpuple blood open on the words. We do the photo and everything at butI know that that dude didn't know I was going through it. When hisfuck all, I all, he knew that he saw the guy from theshow. You want to take a photo, and I took the photo, butI said. I'm saying that to say that if you ever run intosomebody, celebrity, whoever did I consider myself to be one quote celebrity,but if you ever run into a you know somebody and they not in themoves take pictures, give him a second chance, don't you? Know,don't start while and I'll calling them whatever you call them, because they youknow and because they are entertainment and you pop off like you a minute.You never know what people are going through at the time that. I knowthat that dude didn't know what I was going through that day. All youknow is that you want to get a photo and that was it. Hedidn't eating know. Good, I just lost my brother and I wasn't evenon that page that day. As far as you know, as far asthe idea of taking photos, he eating. You know that. But so allof that understand. It's the guys that, I don't want to saycelebrities. I'm really see myself that way, but I'm saying that say that youknow people that you know, it's own people whatever. Understand the humantoo, and they're not perfect and none of it it got emotion. Theygo through what they go through and and work for people. So and Ilike tell me to be going to all that, to your questions about howpeople bro Ready and all that stuff, but that's a part of it,though. Hey, you know, I'm just giving you the bad story aboutnow. It's all good. It's a real it's a real stuff right there, the human aspect of it. Absolutely, and congrats on the season getting renewedfor a fifth season. And when does that start filming and how longdid the seasons usually take? Usually like a few months, and so westart rice bring it next year, something like that. So that's of thebreakdown of that and or whatever. The Wayne Free doesn't doesn't. That's whenyou know, you start with everybody. The whole productions basic your you know. So that that's kind of what what it is for sure. And what'sthe future hold for you? Are you trying to get into more TV shows, more movies? Not even try to. That's the plan. Yeah, everythingI do is it's a gender is. Everything is connected to the next,is connected to the next. Do it and I'm meets. People wantto sit down. Yeah, it's all good, but that's the plan isto definitely just keep it together. Auditions, they focus and all that time ofSt I'm just trying to lock it in state stay with it, forsure. And a few fun questions. What do you want to do inyour free time? Said what I like to do, and your free timedue to be home. Yeah, I could do if I'm not working.Comedy close they all want to be home.

My lifestyle is always out, alwayslate, so I like being I like being home watching the movie andeating home food. That's yeah, that's what I got to say. Iusually see you on your live stream cooking. Yeah, some sort of food orsomething, for sure. What about yeah, who's your top five comedians? Top Five of the put she's so new. That's a rich I didn'tI think I've lost you. Not. Might have to have you reset raceresever top five. It would be Richard prior fail, but she's so NeilMartin, Lawrence and buddy my David Arnold. All right, awesome. How aboutcould you give me an oppression of one of those comedians? Let mesee. Want to do that. People like is a this when other workingwith Jad on the show. It's like John Davids. That is they watchthem. Yeah, that tell is was on this podcast. Want to saythank you for having me on, interviewing me on the podcast. I appreciateit a lot. It's been a lot going on, but I been watchingLondon on on balls and he's going in ground job and he's there with myson Jade. Jade's been taking all my notes still and all the hooves whathe's doing. All right, boom. Yeah, so that was a goodone. Well, I appreciate you coming on the show and let people knowwhere they can find you on social media. Please get it with me at RealLennon Brown, at real and around the Monte right now. So youkids being your city, pull up man, bring some people with you. Iappreciate you listen and watching and talking to men. Thank you someone,but yeah, for sure you're the first actor on the show to thank you. Man. That's all right. I'll see you have a good on.This episode is brought to you by balls the meeters, a ball wash.Check out their site for high quality below the belt products at ballwahcom. Don'tforget to use the Promo Code PG SPORTS FOR FIFTEEN PERCENT OFF.

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