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Mitchell Franklin | Average to Savage EP147


This is the one hundred and forty-seventh episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring professional gamer Mitchell Franklin. Paul Guarino talked with Mitchell Franklin discussing how he got into the NBA 2K league, playing for NBA 2K teams such as the Kings and Lakers, and whats next for him.  

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This podcast interview with Mitchell Franklin was originally recorded on October 5, 2021

...this is the average to Savage podcastwith paul Guerrino. Everyone in anyone athletes, celebs andmuch more. What's up everybody. I'm back for another episode. The averageSavage podcast. Our special guest today is Mitchell, franklin Mitchell. How'sit going? It's going man, how you doing good? I appreciate you coming on. Yeah,I know you're a professional gamer so just tell me give me a littlebackground and how you got involved in that. So I've honestly been playing twoK. I've always been a little gamer since I was little um always been biginto sports like basketball, soccer, all that good stuff. And I was actuallyjust playing against high school friends and stuff and playing them intwo K. And all that. And that's good, wasn't really losing between that andFIFA, I actually went to college and when I went to college I startedbeating people like people wanted to start playing me for money and Istarted beating them for money and it kind of got brought up because when Iwhen I was I was like 14 or 16 I had one of the biggest cash prize team uhtwo K tournament that had been in the world so far. Uh it was two K, two K 12and I won the $2000 tournament on this website called game battles dot comwhich was a team up. It was three on three. So back then it was two K. 12 ortwo K. 14. I'm getting old. Um and it was back because I remember vividly itwas with the thunder and you played a lot to Westbrook, Caron Butler becauseyou can shoot the ball. Durant and Ibaka and myself and three otherteammates. One not in the league, one is the actual coach and general managerof the Orlando Magic gaming team and the other is the general manager andcoach of the new york knicks gaming team. We actually won that tournamentback then and At that age 22 grand I was like okay, it might be somethingwith it. I kind of just started playing competitively, come home from sportpractice and got into it more and more and what really started got what reallygot the ball rolling was when so it's five on five program where you play alot as a position. My team that put together, we had won the Playstationfour side of the $250,000 road to the All Star game of the full time collegestudent. So I didn't really know how to explain to my mom and my professors andstuff but like I had to get flown out to New Orleans the next week to playthe winner of the Xbox team in front of a crowd, live audience. Uh Kevin Durantwas there C. J. Mccollum, who else? Aaron Gordon? Uh Kyrie and there'sgeneral managers and stuff and when I was sitting there playing on the stagefor 250 grand as that, this might be a career. And they had just actually acouple weeks leading up to it announced the NBA two K. League and I was like Ikinda gotta put college on hold and really go for this. I think I likedoing this and I'm I'm good at it so you know why not? So that's try toshort summarize that but yeah that's how I got it going. Yeah. So whatyou're in college, were you then? I was actually a junior. Okay, so like I wasjust like going into your freshman year...

...like would you ever thought like youcould be like a professional video game? I did it because like I mean obviouslythere's a cod League and all that stuff so but there wasn't like an NBA two K.League, I just kind of played it for fun. You know, I'd come home frompractice, I'd come home from classes and stuff and instead of going which Ido like the party a little bit but instead of going out and partying allthe time, I'd come home and play two K. You know, it's kind of that escape youchill, you chose your roommates, play with some of your homies online andstuff and I was just naturally really I guess good or skilled. I don't know, Iworked really hard, I wouldn't really call it skill but then the more andmore money opportunities started coming in the league got announced. I keeptelling people I would have never seen myself like being able to travel theworld or being able to even put on my resume that I've worked under multipleNational Basketball Association's uh and just being able to put on my resumeI'll tell you you're crazy. You told me this three years, 5 years 10 years ago.Yeah. Yeah. No definitely like just uh growing up too. Just like you know yourparents always say like get off the. Yeah now it's like crazy how just thewhole industry blew up just with just not even like two K. And just like E.Sports in general is just like insane now and you know you see all these likebig companies like you would never think they're like sponsoring gamersand things like that and that's what they're doing now. It's like it's not.Yeah and it's only going to grow with technology is only going to keepgrowing so the gaming world and like I tell people and stuff it's pretty cool.Like I have my mom works that are worth a dishonest office and she has a littlekids that play video games and stuff so she tells them about me or like theyknow me and it's cool get that text like hey so and so just follow you oninstagram, would you give him a follow back and make their day please? Andit's like I'm just a normal person you know but it's it's crazy that somepeople look up to you or like follow you or are a fan over a video game.It's nice. Yeah, definitely. So, um, I know you got your set up there, likeyou do like twitch and stuff too. Yeah. So, so right now I'm actually workingfor the Orlando magic under magic gaming. I'm actually doing youtubecontent creation and I stream to, yeah, sorry for this glare out. I just gotthe halo coming down. But yeah, I do not as consistent as I should, whichsounds bad, but as a, as a full time gamer and stuff, it does get draining.You kind of just want to worry about focusing on playing the game and yourobjective in your role necessarily than having to please an audience and be oncamera and stuff. But yeah, I do stream. I'm actually going to be streaminglater tonight. A couple of series of tournaments. Nice. Yeah. And then tellme about like, um, your first season in the league. I know you said you, you'vebeen playing for three seasons, so I believe that's all of them. Uh, Sinceit starts at 18. Yeah, So 2018 it was the first year, your first year. Yeah,yeah. I was actually drafted fourth overall in the first ever inauguraldraft, which was pretty nuts to, and Davidson Madison Square Garden andsober was there and stuff And what made it more just nuts at that age and overa game is that my team a sacramento...

Kings Kings card gaming actually. Theymoved us into a mansion, it was actually George Hills old spot and hehad gotten traded, so showing up there and living in a mansion with a bunch ofother people and also every just stuff kept popping up more and more of avideo game. One day wake up your i a favorite, your personal trainer now,UFC fighter former champion next day. Hey guys, we have a surprise for you,come to the studio and stuff. Show up their shack. Oh yeah Shaquille O'nealis your general manager like right over a video game. So that that was that wasprobably my favorite season to this day because like with that team as wellbecause everything we had around this, we had ESPN actually document andfollow us around so that it kind of made you feel like a rock star and itkind of made things start like coming into friction, like wow this is realright now. Yeah, for sure. I mean that's that'scrazy that you guys are like living in mansions and things like uh yeah likewhat was it? So what's like uh what is uh A schedule like a two K gamingschedule look like? So during the league or like the off season becausethe offseason like I was telling you before we got on, you probably playedthe game more honest there. It's very comparable. Okay. Yeah, I mean likeduring the season. Okay, so during the season, what a typical day looks likeyou generally, which some people say, oh my God, you got the dream job andstuff, blah blah blah. Which It is cool to a certain extent, but people don'trealize how much time you're staring into a screen and stuff and that you'reessentially during the off season, all that to your basically working at 9-5just the opposite way. So it's hard to have a normal social life and stuffbecause you got to think you from about 9 to 9 p.m. Three A. M. Eastern time,it's kind of like that's prime time to run program and all that because youhave to accommodate for west coast time europe Australia, all that stuff. Butduring the season, typically typical workday, wake up, I don't really liketo eat breakfast. The three seasons I was in, I was on the west coast team,so we have to accommodate to the east. So instead of our first scrim blockbeing at one o'clock it be at 11 a.m. As a gamer. That's not that goodbecause you're staying up all night anyways. Um so what you do essentiallyfor practice is you're going to scrimmage a team in the best of three.So just basically play them straight up and you'll go, you'll go between 1 to 3,normally 2 to 3 screen box per day basically sunday through friday, youmight get saturday off occasionally. It just varies what team you're part andyou just play those teams. So I wake up, I don't know each shower, you want tolook good, feel good, do good play that, take a break before the second screenblock, grab a little lunch, get back on the sticks, play that again. Normallyend around two after the two o'clock screen block or the four o'clock atfive o'clock. Go eat dinner, chill. Then sometimes you don't even have thenight of completely your coach or the team will want to come back and have afilm session. So it's just like the NBA what I how I compare it is basicallythe N. B. A. In a virtual world.

Obviously don't do the physical aspect.I mean some teams have team workouts and all that but mentally it's way moredraining stuff and you're just staring at the screen. But yeah so little stufflike that is essential like watching film, breaking down and analyzing yourgame, your team's game, your opponents coming up for this week and beforecovid and stuff. So season one and season two, you'd actually fly out tonew york to play in a centralized location in a studio that can berecorded for twitch and all that. So it was kind of cool. Yeah. Yeah for sure.And I forgot to ask you like how did you how did you originally like qualifyto get into the draft? So they do they do a combine like a like an NBA. Typecombine where it's just like I said for practice you basically get dropped on ateam and you play five on five and you the games are recorded you're allowedto stream and basically it's just a huge scouting field and you have to dostatistically well and you keep like kind of like cuts in practice, you keepadvancing and so you're finally the last set of pool and you move on to bedraft eligible. Yeah. Yeah it's basically what you justsaid before just like exactly the same but it's a virtual world. Exactly yeah.I don't wanna I don't wanna I don't wanna be disrespectful to actually anyNBA player. So that that's that's the best summary obviously not going intodiving into details. Yeah. Yeah for sure. And then um I know you're on theLakers game gaming team too. So um were you like traded or are you a fridge andyou signed with them? So so like I'm not I'm a free agent, there's anexpansion draft and they took me with their first pick in the expansion draftwhich that is when a new team comes into the league so basically they canhave just like any other professional expansion draft. They're allowed totake someone from a pool or not opposing team. Obviously there'scertain rights and stuff but yeah they selected me which was my time in L. A.Was awesome, definitely got to experience a lot of things like beingin the total Lebron James walking by you. Our facility was in the actualLakers facility so I'd walk into the kitchen and get lunch what they provideand I walked by magic johnson or someone. It was just surreal you know.And and other cool experiences like which like I said going into all thisis over a video game. It's not like the whole Kobe celebration in life. I gotto go with that because it was latest employees and stuff which was verysurreal and really something cool that I'm gonna be able to share for years tocome. Yeah. Yeah definitely. And then what are what are like some experienceslike the other experience you had like playing people like have you playedlike famous people and things like that? Like has anyone called you out to like,like just famous like famous guys? Not really see that's what I wish the two K.Community had a little more like some people act fake but like necessarily AW. W. E. Type. Like if there is more beef and more like like it would bemore entertaining. You know it doesn't really happen. People they kind of actmore fake online than they will in person. Like they'll smile on your facein person try to act cool but online they'll talk a little bit but it'llnever get to that point. But yeah, I...

...met a ton of friends and play with aton of people over to k and still do, like, people like Nicole hardman Dariusguys, various guys is one of my closer friends down on that over the game. UmDaniel Cormier, trying to think that's a little DeAndre Ayton. Um the listgoes on because I think it's cool that you play two K like that and they wantto win. So like athletes and stuff, they're tired of playing with the RLfriend stuff and losing. So they want to play with someone and went, so it'spretty cool. Yeah, definitely. Um like what, what advice would you give to ayounger person trying to, trying to become a professional game. I'd saythere's gonna be some people that don't believe in you, like your parents andstuff. I know some are about it with myself, it was easier because I wasalready playing in front of, in front of a crowd and stuff on tv for moneyand stuff, so it's easy to pitch it to my mom and be like, look like I'm doingthis like a pretty good, it's an actual career. Um but honestly, like I said, Idon't think to a certain extent it is skilled, but with video games and stuff,it's just work ethic. You know, it sounds cliche as it sounds corny, butif you want to do something, you have to be passionate about it and you haveto be consistent. You have to actually put, you have to consistently put inthe work and actually believe in your work because a lot of people won't endhow toxic and uh, I guess judgmental and overpowering social media can benowadays. You have to kind of ignore and block out like any type of noiseand stuff and you have to really believe in yourself and really just putin the work. I truly believe that being professional video games, especiallylike two K you don't need insane reflexes like call of duty orridiculous response time or anything. You just, you have to consistently putin the work and make sure you get better because I don't think there's aton of skill from this and if it does, it generally comes from people who youknow work their asses off and believe in their work and are consistent aboutit. Yeah, no, definitely. All right. You ready? You ready for some funquestions now? It's Aaron. Alright, how did you get your nickname? I got mynickname from actually high school soccer, my name starts with the Mobviously and one of my teammates just called me moody one time and it wasjust just kind of stuck. Like I, there was no reason behind it. Just that myname started with an M and now people other than like my family, even myclose friends call me it like they, they call me moody or move just becauseit's catchy. It's quick that no one really caused me Mitchell or anythingand I wanted to be known as an alias. Like if I heard someone that I didn'tknow or anything like I know they're talking about me, I didn't want to belike basketball game or 116 or something. Like I wanted to be myself.Like if I heard someone say moody or mood I knew oh, they're talking aboutme. I don't have to second guess. Yeah. Yeah, no, definitely. That's funny.Basketball player one. I mean some of these names, people having kidsnowadays come up with a ridiculous and...

...it's like you can, that is the coolthing though. About about it is you can be anyone you want, especially as thekids, like you can have your own aliens. You can be anyone you want honestly orbe a different person to me. I like myself. I like to be authentic andstuff and it just fits like, Yeah, definitely. Now I saw your UFC fan,what's like a fight that you want to see happen That hasn't happened. Yeah. You have to just follow myfavorite thing to watch period or follow. Um, it's a good question. Holdon, Let me think about this. Oh, it's got to be, I hope it happensif he stays out of trouble. I want to see Jon jones against Ghana for theheavyweight belt. I'm very interested in that matchup because of how quickand technically skilled Jon jones is, but how powerful and gone who is on it.Uh It could go either way honestly. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Yeah,definitely want to see Jon jones back to just because you've been so dominant.Like Exactly. I'm a, I'm a big Connor fan to like, he's probably my favoriteathlete ever. Not just in the hype. I started following him when he wascoming up and stuff and I like, I like underdog stories. Like obviously thepeople won't know unless they do research about him coming as a, as aplumber and you know, being broke and staying with this high schoolgirlfriend or whatever is, it's really inspiring to what he does now and howconfident he is. Um I like to see him versus Diaz again. Think that'd be cool. I'll watch thatagain for sure. Yeah, I like, I like Stoneman. I like, I like people thatare showman. I like, I like the trash talk. I like, I like the action. Yeah,that's why it's like, like I'm a boxing guy too. And just like, it's just likesome of the top boxer in the world, like nobody knows about them. Like nota casual fan knows about them basically. UFC. It's just like when they build upthe hype and stuff like that then like people hit me up that I know they'renot like hardcore fans and I'm like they're seeing this like like that.It's a big deal but like in boxing I think they just got to do a little moreof that. Yeah. I wasn't big in a box in one of my teammates. Actually got me alittle bit more into and I like watching because I like combat sportsand fighting stuff. But yeah it's crazy like showman but I think my favoritebox right now is Earl Spence Jr he's not really a showman like that. I justlike how a box is clean. I like his story. I like that's what they got.That's what you have said that such a good job and dana White's a mastermind.They market, they build storylines. I don't think they really do that inboxing. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, that's I mean that's that's a perfect example.Like I'm sure if you act like a casual sportsman they probably don't know whohe IS. one of the best, literally a superstar. All right. What about what'syour favorite song right now? Favorite song? I don't I don't think I have a reallyfavorite song about my favorite my go to song I guess when I need somemotivation or in game like when you get hired by like like right Hand to God byNipsey hustle. Yeah. Living out in l a rubbed on me a little bit like all that.So that song just I don't know what songs with courses that gets you goingand stuff you can get locked in. So I like that song right now. Yeah,definitely. What about like, what's...

...your favorite thing to snack on whileyou're gaming? See I don't like to stay clean. I don'treally like to eat one. I like to, I like to keep my control. What aboutwhat about your favorite stuff? Favorite drink? Favorite drink. So Ithink right now it's a game. I only really drink water unless it's soda youmentioned with liquor or something like that. But I recently tried to sour bluechug rug from G fuel and I don't know what they put in. It tastes like game.I kind of like that. All right. All right. Last one. I know you're, you'reWashington football team fan. Unfortunately. What, what do you wantthem to change their team name too? Uh, at this point keep it, but Iwouldn't, I'm actually going to the game sunday too. Probably. Um, I like, I think one of them was the warhogs isn't bad and then I like the red wolves. Red Wolves is clean. I'm big inthe marketing. I like unique. I don't like, I was explaining one of my boys.I didn't like that Washington like warriors for example is even part of itbecause then we'd always be second fiddle to the obviously golden statewarriors. Like I like something unique. So I think red Wolves is clean nor thered wolves, you can do so much with logos and branding like that. So Ithink that that's my front runner. I don't want something corny like theWashington precedents or Washington commanders or something. Like justeither keep WFTv because it is cool to say hey where the football team eventhough we don't even have a logo really. But I like Red Wolves I think. Yeah Ilike that too. I I only I don't really like the senator's name but I kind oflike it just because it was a baseball team so it's like you do. Yeah. Iwouldn't mind. I just I just feel like I get you have to, it's a long processbecause you have to get logo and copyrights and trademarks and stuff.But it's just dragged out to, it should have been down between the season now.I don't know. It's kind of weird. It didn't get it out before the season.Yeah. I mean it's funny, I don't know if you saw it with the with theCleveland uh Guardians now they didn't even uh do any research and type inthat people have the handles and the U. R. L. S. And stuff like that, which wasknocks to me. It blows my mind. No hate. But some some of these people that justget paid thousands of millions of dollars to just do jobs like that andjust don't even do it like where's the loophole of getting hired you like uhit's crazy. Yeah. Crazy. All right, well, I appreciate you coming on. Andcould you let the listeners nowhere to follow you at? For sure. About howabout switching to you? Where can they find you? Let me hear your hand was uhmy for average savage. It's a V. E. G. The number two S A V. And then mypersonal uh PCG seven and then my brand PG sports is just at PG go, go followthat. I follow all those two, I'm pretty sure already. Uh twitter iswhere I mainly at. I always tell people,...

...no matter what. I've always praisemyself on this. No matter if you have uh one follower or one million, if youever want advice spreading love positivity, I will always reply to you.Um, Twitter at Moody to K two Wise, That's where the best five Instagram isat. Big shot mood. Youtube is that moody to wise twitch moody to wise. Idid it to y so when you look it up, I'm the only one you have to keep it. Haveto keep it like that. Um, that's about it. Don't really do tick tock. Um Yeah,but you don't dance yet. No, I'm 27 now, I'll get on and watch it. I can't lie.But like, I'm, I'm not gonna get on Tiktok and do dancing. That's not me.I'm staying in my lane. But yeah, Twitter is the best way to find me andI will always find time to reply to you guys or anyone unless you're obviouslynegative or showing eight. If I don't reply the first time, just don't juststand and I don't care. I'll CNN reply again. I appreciate it. Yeah, for sureanytime. Okay. Yeah.

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