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Nick Small | Average to Savage EP163


This is the one hundred and sixty-third episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring 13-year-old entrepreneur Nick Small. Paul Guarino talked with Nick Small discussing how he got in NFTs, making his own NFT project Ranchy Rednecks (which now sold out), and what he liked to do in the future.

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This podcast interview with Nick Small was originally recorded on December 23, 2021

...this is the average to Savage podcast with paul Guerrino, everyone and anyone athletes, celebs and much more. What's up everybody. I'm back for another episode of the average Savage podcast. Our special guest today is nick, small nick, how's it going? It's going good. What about yourself? It's going good, I appreciate you coming on. 100% glad to be here. Yeah, so uh a little bit of background about Nick before I ask him some questions, he's a 13 year old, that's N. F. T. I'd say creator. Alright, that's cool. And then um so yeah, we we met, should we say in the metaverse uh you know on twitter spaces and things like that. Um I've been getting into N. F. T. S a lot over the past couple of months now, met nick through twitter and he has his own projects and obviously being 13 like I had to get him on. Um So yeah, nick just tell the folks that don't know what an N. F. T. Is of course. So um basically in simple terms and N. F. T. Is a non fungible token which probably doesn't mean a lot to you, which really doesn't mean a lot to me to be honest, basically it's an image and audio piece of video that is on this thing called the Blockchain. The Blockchain is basically like you know the bank, it tells you where your money's going, who it's coming from, the amount of money you have, you know, things like that and they put it on this thing called the Blockchain and it represents a one out of one and its own to you. It's proof of ownership. Um What makes it kind of worth something is just the community around it and that's where he is. Boom. Alright. So first before we get into your N. F. T. Project, just tell just like tell me a little bit like about yourself and then like how did you get into this uh this metaverse? Crypto web three world 1. 100%. Yeah. So again my name is nick small. I'm 13 years old. I've been in the I've been this whole space for a little while but before I was in here, you know I've always loved to play baseball. You know one thing about me is I'm huge into baseball but competitive baseball before I get into this whole business stuff, I've always been pretty driven and what I've done, whether it be N. F. T. S. Um baseball, you know my past business whatever. Um That's a little bit about me again, I just love sports and my family, I love hanging out with friends. Um The way I kind of get into this NFC space and into the metaverse was basically I had this old business that was actually buying and selling roadblocks items funny enough and um after that went up and failed because we got shut down um we used crypto two turns axed and one day my friend was telling me basically about these things called the here's my business partner. Um and basically he just told me about this including better mascot which is what you buy enough to mess with and that's about all I got and I just kind of learned from there. Seems very interesting. It seemed like a new way that I could, you know make money and start a new thing. What what year was that? That was only four or five months ago. So when I started the N. F. T. Stuff and then my old business was about a year ago. Gotcha. So how alright so being 13 years old, like how do you like because this isn't normal, so like how do you like how did you, I just don't, I just can't like my brain can't comprehend how you got into this stuff That's so young because like when I think about when I was 13 which I know you hear a lot of this on Twitter spaces um but like I just remember probably just you know playing video games but I was definitely um I used to flip stuff a lot and have like you know yard sales and tax sales, whatever you wanna call them. And uh and and like when I was younger I discovered you know which I'm sure you know you go to like Gamestop, your trade in a video game, you get like $5. So like my first venture I'd say it was like Ebay and just like selling stuff on there because you know, you can almost get like close to the amount you almost paid for at that point, the video again, so like what, like what inspired you to get into like entrepreneurship or like what got you into? It was it was your parents, was your some like a friend relative anything. So ever since I was...

...a little kid, I remember like searching up how to make money online because obviously as an 11 year old, 10 year old is really when I started this whole business venture, it's like you can't go work at Mcdonald's, you can't work anywhere for the matter of fact and I remember doing these stupid surveys that would pay you nothing, like they were all scams and eventually, um I used to be big into gaming a lot, I used to make money off the streaming and things like that. Um and one of my friends who was in the streaming world gaming, he told me about this roadblock stuff and I heard the money factor of it because he was telling me how he had this new keyboard, you know, super high tech, all this new stuff and I'm like how in the world do you do it? And I guess that factor now money is a cool thing, but when you first get into that, that was the driving factor for me. So I guess that's kind of how I got into it. Alright, cool, but why, why did you want to make money? Because money was just, it was like a lot of people, different things drive them, but for some reason financial, like a lot of my, so a lot of my family in the past, not my parents specifically, but my grandparents, a lot of them went through very poor, financial wealth, they took on investments, they just didn't do well. Um they had good jobs, but they just spent it very poorly. So I always wanted to be like my parents right now, thankfully where they're good on financial standpoint, they, you know, they're comfortable and that's something that I really want to do early, so when I'm older, I don't have to have that stress that a lot of parents have um and that's kind of what drove me to make this type of money to be able to do something like that. My brain isn't working right now, like it just doesn't even make, I just don't, I just can't, I don't know, But you're from Kansas, um you have you, you lived there all your life? Yeah, So what, tell me what Kansas, like, I'm from Connecticut, so I've definitely never been to Kansas, right? So, um you know, I live near basically the east side, Right? So of Kansas, which is very, very different from any other point of Kansas! Kansas, you think of Dorothy and red slippers the wizard of Oz basically the middle of nowhere, right, Kansas is where I live in Kansas is the exact opposite. So um you know basically what Kansas here is is it's what probably a million people in our city. Two million. It's a pretty big city. Um You know with nice schools district is pretty nice but it's not like we're in the middle of nowhere. Like I live in a neighborhood you know you can look right outside my house right now and you can see other people, there's a lot of kids here but it's not like I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere like what people think it is. So it's just like any other city to be honest. Gotcha. Alright so getting getting into your N. F. T. Project one, what made you want to do your own project? And then two I know it's called the Ranchi rednecks and we just talked about Kansas so tell me a little bit how that the name got started. So um again when I got into the end of T. Space I got rug pulled which basically for all you people who don't know what that means, it means scammed um at the end of the day it means that I buy a product and the company did not deliver on what they said they would do. Um And that's what happened to me. So you know overall I as polish I think flipping basically I flipped for profit in the empty space and eventually I was like oh my God, I got american enough to like when I see the profit to I see what I can change for other people and three, it just seemed like a really fun thing to do. I mean at the end of the day it was a cool project so I can put on my resume when I'm older and all these different things and you know, for the branch, the redneck name. Um I live in Kansas. So me and I are just for coming up with the name and he's like ranch right next. I'm like, oh my God, that's so funny. You know, I see rednecks here all the time when I go over to Missouri on the Missouri side. Um, and then about halfway through I realized someone was telling me that's...

...a derogatory term and I'm like, what are you talking about? Search up redneck racism. First thing you find these white guys are being racist to african americans in the past. And I realized I'll introduce something a little different with the project. So you know, now it's to combat racism whether than represented rather than representing. Yeah, for sure. And then take me take me through the process of um I know you're not the artist of it, but take me through the process of kind of partnering with people and finding those people too because I know that's the hard part, right? So um a lot of people say that making an N. F. T. Project is blood sweat and tears. It's not it's just time consuming. Very very time consuming. So I heard there's people would say oh I just spent three months of blood sweat and tears so I can make a million dollars like you know making that empty project guys. Yeah for real it's like it's very time consuming you know I got home every day I went on these twitter spaces to talk about myself and my project you know getting those people you know I had to approach them like I had enough to pay for a smart contract which basically means that the representation of how people buy like the bank but you have to pay for the bank to be able to work on your site. I had like 34 grand to be able to start this project but nowhere near enough to pay an artist in a developer. So I had to pitch an artist developer and like you have to believe in me I will give you this percent to come and work for me and you know it was it was hard work a lot of people said no like why would I want to work for you know someone who like won't give me any money up front. So you know for me it was a little bit harder and at the end of the day you just have to put in a lot of hours that's a lot of hours. I probably put you know six hours a day for 2.5 months straight of just talking on twitter spaces alone. Yeah for sure. I mean that's how we connected. So I know you've been putting in work. Um What do you what do all your classmates and teachers think about all this. I have not really told anyone except for recently actually. So um some of my friends knew I had a NFC collection. Didn't really tell much about it. They've heard of it on Tiktok. Nothing really other than that. Right? So some of my close friends and then the other day actually my friend cade. Um He was blurting out. He I don't know why he was being Stevie said nick isn't that nifty collection? He has no idea what that really means. And then my teacher, my science teacher his name is Mr Gorman. Right? He's 2028. Probably 30. And he's like pretty cultural. He's like he's a cool teacher no doubt. And he comes up to me and he's like nick you do N. F. T. S. Oh yeah and then he starts talking to me about crypto and he knows a little bit about N. F. T. S. But he's like pretty widely invested in the crypto. Apparently there's like 2.5 ft from ethereum. I've been in Syria what a year now and I can't even call it. Right. My bad. Yeah so my teacher thinks it's really cool. But other than that, not many people know. Yeah, it's pretty dope. All right. So are you, are you like good in school? I'm assuming you are. Yes, but I'm not that good. Like I get is sometimes bees, but I'm an integrated math. I'm not an advanced math. I'm not that smart. Like that's what, so like, I don't even think they know what you're doing. Like I don't even even if they figured it out, I don't think they would know the scale, like how like granges well, yeah, my my teachers don't know the way I talk, I'm just an ordinary regular kid who, you know, it just doesn't, I guess I'm not calling myself smart, but I'm definitely different in the business venture, right? And they don't realize, you know, the difference. I'm not book smart. I'm just street smart, I guess. Yeah. And I'm gonna like, so when I started, you know, uh like graduating college slash like applying for jobs and things like that and, and I was a substitute teacher um in between that and I used...

...to like talk to my old team because it was at my old high school and I was talking to them and so, and, and you know, they, and not too, it's not like a knock on them. They like, and just like kind of talking to them and then them kind of giving me advice and stuff, but it's like they only had those jobs, like a job as a teacher and they haven't done like, I don't want to say it, but they haven't really done anything besides just being like a teacher inside that space. So like, they don't know about like going on a different type of job interviews and things like that and like business things. I mean, some of them obviously do, but um but I would say the majority don't, it's kind of like, it's kind of like a weird scenario because it's like, they're the teachers, but they don't really know, like kind of like, I'd say like I'm just saying like in the business sense and stuff, so it's pretty interesting when it comes to terms of that. I just I'm just putting that out there to tell you which I'm sure you've already figured out. Yeah. So, um and then, yeah, just going into your project. Um I know. So when did you start it? And then when was the official launch date? Hmm. Let's see. I probably started it four months ago for like probably two weeks after I got into the end of t space. Um And I launched it, what? A month ago. Yeah. I think close to a month ago. I think it was the 22nd, maybe the 27th. It was 20 something. I can't remember if it's on my head, but yeah, Yeah. So how, so how did the launch go? I know you had some delays, but you got through it and you and you, uh, you released it? So what was the, um, what's it been like? Right, so I was first launched. I'm pretty sure it was on the 12th. Um, suddenly we had some smart contract issues chicken. It is kind of the technical Blockchain part of it, the back end. Um, you know, it was quite, it was quite sad, but you know, we pushed through it. It was definitely a hard process, you know, to see that failed because it definitely relieves some of your community from you. Um, but you know, we worked back up one night and we're doing pretty good. Yeah, for sure. And then I know you joined the apocalyptic ape crew too. So how did, how did that come about? So, um, I've been talking to 50 for a little while, you know, he's just became one of my friends and I know it's kind of hard to say that like a 34 year, four year old guys, my friend, but you know, and 50 times we're gonna pretend that's an age, he's one of my friends. So, you know, he just recognized, I guess the skill that I have on social media, the way that I dragged the space and he just told me on a call, you know, I want to have you on my team and I just kinda, how it came about? Yeah, definitely. And uh, what, what are some, like, future girls for you? I know like say like, what are your goals? Like, what are your goals? Like, do you want to go to college and like, things like that. And to be honest with you, I like that if your parents are listening, nick doesn't have to go to college because you don't like you don't, I did college and all that. But guess what? The best thing about college is the connections and not about like the learning and all that. There's a good chance my mom will listen to this and she knows and what she said was, I'm like, I don't want to pay attention in school. Like I hate school. And she's like, quote the quotas. She said, nick, you need to make a million dollars after taxes for you to not pay attention to the school. But she said for college was, I'm not going to force you to go to college, but we're also not going to financially support you because like, my brother and sister have a brother's 20th sisters, 23 she graduated college, but they pay for your housing when you're in college, they pay for your food, They pay for all that. But they personally said like, you can go to college and you and you won't, will support you, you know emotionally and all that, no matter what, But we're not going to support you financially, I think, I think you'll be all right. Yeah. You'll figure it out. Um, Yeah, I mean, in terms of college, I mean, obviously college is cool and all that. But um, in terms of going to college, like my tips to always, like, even when I was a substitute teacher, like kids...

...would ask me and I would say, um, like go if you have like a great scholarship and it's like, it doesn't cost you that much or if you want to go to college and you don't know what you want to do, just go to like community college is the same thing. It doesn't, it doesn't really matter. Um, And, and the funny thing, you'll laugh at this one. So 2014 I graduated college and my senior year, there was a class and it's called Sports New Media and it was, but it was technically like sports and social media and, and it was funny because they just didn't know what the terms were yet of that. It's because it was 2014, it wasn't That young, but it was like, it was because there was that there wasn't like, and now there's like, you know, degrees in social media and stuff like that wasn't even a thing in 2014. Not that 2,014 is not that long ago. Yeah, it is for me that's when half my life. Yeah, yeah, for sure. And then, yeah. Just in terms of like other goals, like, what are you? So back to, not like college and things but what are your goals like um in the short term in the next few years short term. So my goal is to probably in the next year too Is to sell out three projects. All right for the next probably two years. Yeah Just figure out just to sell three projects. Have it successful? Yeah. What's your what's your dream job? I don't know. And the reason I say that is because every job sounds boring to be honest. I don't want to I don't want to have a job that I don't enjoy. I don't want to sit at a desk all day putting in numbers I don't want to it's just I don't know to be honest I want to I want to be able to do something I love and I don't know what I figured out that I like it, That's fair enough. You're only you're only you're only 13, you got time. Um And then in terms of what like what advice would you give to other kids that want to get into the web three space or create N. F. T. S. Or or just like be an entrepreneur, you're an entrepreneur. Yeah I mean to be honest one thing I would say it's just explore right I mean the biggest thing you can do is ask questions what I would personally not recommend is telling yourself I don't know anything about this so I'm not going to do it. I can tell you this. I have been, I've wanted to learn stocks for a long time. I've never been able to do it. And the reason why is because I don't want to sit through a 48 hour course on how to do it. But N. F. T. S. Are a little different. You can do it like that, right? So you know, go into twitter spaces, go ask questions, questioning is the biggest thing you should do. But what you shouldn't do is watch Youtube videos personally. I want you to learn and experience where you can talk and I feel like that's the biggest thing that you can do. I don't think learning by Youtube or learning by courses is a good way to learn. I think especially for kids, you need to talk two people, you need to learn from a person, a one on one mentor. Um or if you don't want to mentor at least ask questions. Right? That's what I would say. Do you have a mentor? No, well kind of kind of, I didn't have a mentor, but I did have someone who helped me when I first got into here after my rug pole. Um I met this guy named johnny, He is Jewish 40 years old. There's no, I say this because he talks about fellow tribe members all the time because I'm also Jewish but um He a crypto does what we bought into in my last 70 bucks. I gave it to him and he said he'd put it into...

...a percent. So he didn't teach me anything because he didn't know anything about the N. F. T. Space. We were learning together. That's actually how I first learned to flip. I was flipping with him in a group. He didn't know anything. We all got in at the same time. Our first purchase was old for a crypto dad besides my rock pool. So it wasn't a mentor but he definitely helped me on the financial side of things. He was only got me started contract that's dope. Um And then what about like I don't know how to do you know that you're smarter than other people. Mm Kind of kind of. And the reason I say that is because I'm not that's smart. I just know how to speak. I guess it's speaking doesn't come off of being smart. Speaking comes off of doing things a lot right When I first got into tighter spaces I remember is J crypto first space with someone pretty big. J crypto if you guys know who he is. J shout out to you. First tourist place that I've ever been in with over 100 people. I was so nervous. I was shaking. I was like I was like shaking when I got up to there and I now learned that I've been in space just with over 1000 people and I don't shake it all comes from practice and I feel like I'm very good at picking up on things right? I don't know everything when I go onto twitter spaces, but what I do is I go and ask questions and seem like I'm interested and then I get to know people and that creates connections, right? And a lot of times I actually do mean when I'm asking questions or saying things, but if I'm gonna go in a brand new space and you know, Gary V is there and he's talking to a project, I'm gonna figure out what that project is talking about and I'm going to get to know Gary V because I'm going to go research that one thing I'm gonna hear them talking about the defying the crypto world. And the first thing I'm going to talk about in the metaverse is when will your metaverse city while launching out and you know, what is the biggest factor in there that will make yours different. That's the question I'm going to ask. So it all comes to picking up on things and you know, making those connections. Yeah, definitely. No, I mean even me um like I did this podcast and started out as audio only, like it was a video or anything and then like through the pandemic, like um I was doing instagram lives every day, so that kinda got me comfortable um in front of the camera and it's like, yeah, now to me it's like pretty, pretty easy but um I've kind of been doing this for a while now so I don't really get uh I mean even even starstruck wise, I'm sure you're not going to be starstruck, but eventually uh I'm sure like basically when I met one guy, his name was Brandon phillips when I uh first started kind of doing PG sports, like I, I sent some hats and stuff and then I got to meet him and it was just random because I went to the baseball game and and he was like, oh I got that hat and I was like, yeah, I know, I sent it to you and he's like, oh what's up man? And then uh so it was dope and that was like that, that was like the last time I had to like stop being like a fan kinda and just like be like business. I was like, all right, I'm in the business world now. So when I met cordell Snoop Dogg and I met, I was the same way, like I was like, oh you met him in person, no, no, no, no, I'm still on spaces. Like when I first started I was like, oh my God, oh yeah, no, you'll get over it soon. Yeah, I got over it thankfully. But no, at first I was like almost like I was hesitant to talk, I was like a mute high oh yeah, so what's the update on that? I know he he kind of invited you right? Oh to that. I don't think I'm going to be able to go only because I want I don't think I know Mon off and I don't think it's a formal invite but to there's a weed bar there. So I don't know. We'll see to be honest. I mean he was talking about it rosie so I heard there's actually they're actually doing it in person and virtually. Oh I didn't know they were doing it virtually too.

I only heard about the in person part in L. A. Yeah. Alright. Back to the questions. So are you ready for some fun questions? Alright this is gonna be your favorite question ever. Alright. Alright. On a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, strawberry or grape, what do you what do you like to do in your free time when you're not on twitter spaces eating on? Right. I really do. I'm going to reach out to them after this actually and I'm serious about that. I hope you know um Probably you know, I would probably say either playing baseball or just I don't know, I haven't really had much of a life anymore. I feel like when I go into no there's no, I used to Sorry 1 2nd. but basically when I first started my own business I was like pete I didn't hang out with any of my friends when I stopped that old business every single day and hang out with my friends started this, haven't hangout with hung out with my friends once. Yeah, I mean I got a text today. Do you want to go play tag at school at 1 15? I said no. I got something at one. I can't. Oh my god. Alright. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Mix of both. So are you do you still you still you play baseball? Yeah. So you're on the team? Mhm. All right. So what was your season like last year? This year? This year? Yeah, it was pretty good. We had a good season. Yeah, we won most. I can't remember what our record was, but we did pretty good. What position do you play? Second base? Alright. Last last one. What is something people don't know about you? I don't know. I mean I'm a pretty open book to be honest. A lot of people don't know. Let's see. I mean a lot of people don't know that I used to be a twitch streamer awhile back. Not much. I gotta last bonus one actually. So if I ever came to Kansas, what like restaurant do I have to hit up? Everybody says barbecue. I'm not that big in a barbecue. I like barbecue, but I'm not in the bank. Um If you're gonna come to Kansas, I would I would say shake shack. But that's everywhere. But I like shake shack. Three hours. Like there's some shake shack. No not a chain, yeah not a chain restaurant. I mean if you're gonna get barbecue today, Kasey jo's all right we'll go with that. That alright Nick. Well I appreciate you coming on and you can do with the listeners know where they can follow you at so you guys can follow me at nick. Underscore S. M. O. L. L. On twitter. Um You can also go to Ranchi rednecks dot com or A. N. C. H. Y. And then hopefully you know how to spell rednecks back on. Um And yeah that's about it. Okay.

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