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Pepper Persley | Average to Savage EP162


This is the one hundred and sixty-second episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring 10 year old sports journalist Pepper Persley. Paul Guarino talked with Pepper Persley discussing how she got into sports journalism, her podcasts, and what her goals are for the future.   

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This podcast interview with Pepper Persley was originally recorded on December 21, 2021

...this is the average to Savage podcast with paul Guerrino, everyone and anyone athletes celebs and much more. What's up everybody? I'm back for another episode of the average Savage podcast. Our special guest today is pepper parsley pepper, how's it going? I'm good, how are you? I'm good. I appreciate you coming on. No problem. Thanks for having me. We're Making history right now because you're definitely my youngest guest I've ever had on at 10 years old. So so let's just go into it. Like how did how did you get into how and why did you get into sports journalism? Hmm. So growing up um I had been uh just curious kid and I think I mean I'm still growing up obviously but like when I was younger I was really curious and I still am um and I was really into sports, I played sports um and still do and at this point I really want to continue to um I just yeah I was curious about...

...basketball more specifically and had the opportunity to interview W. N. B. A. Player now, assistant coach for the Las Vegas, Aces sugar Rodgers. Um and I just had so many questions that I wanted to answer but I also was realizing that not a lot of people were paying attention to the W. N. B. A. And I was like why they're so awesome. So it was also important to me to highlight them and then um during quarantine I really started to do more interviews and um it was just because I wanted to bring a smile to people's faces because quarantine was really hard for me and I knew it had to be hard for other people. And then there were also really other um important issues that were close to my heart that I wanted to um touch on as well. So I did that through my podcast, my interview show. And yeah, I've been doing that since then. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. I've been seeing you a lot around, that's why I wanted to have you on. Um So you started at...

...six years old but like what what made you want to like interview people? Um Okay or like or what what was it like? Did you see like a lot of interviews and you're just like learning about people? Not really, I just had so many questions and I would ask them to my parents and they wouldn't have the answers. And so I had I was like I have to ask somebody. So I ended up asking the people who have the answers I don't know at six, I didn't really consider an interview. I just thought I get to have my questions answered and that was super awesome for me. Um And now I think of it more as like actually like a job in the profession and interviewing. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. So you started dish with Pepper during, during quarantine? Right, yep. Yeah, so one I love the name because it just makes sense. Um And then yeah, how did like who have you? I don't want to hate this question myself, but like who was like, I'll say who is your top, like three interviews so far? Oh um that's a good question, I always get the top one and I can never choose.

So thank you for giving me more options. Um I think my first interview um on dish with Pepper was with magnetic pick someone who is a true inspiration to me and someone who I consider my big sis, and that was my first interview. So I'll say that one was pretty big. Um um and obviously all of my interviews have been really special to me for their separate reasons. Um but so I would say also interviewing Katie smith was one of my like first couple of interviews and that was really big because she is really big, so that was awesome. And then I would also say interviewing um Natasha cloud, this is so hard. Oh my God, I want to, I just want to list everybody. Um I would say um yeah, Tasha was really awesome. So yeah, I really enjoyed interviewing those two, I would say. But obviously um there are other people like Renee um ari um who else I interviewed Imani Dorsey, so they're like, they're like a...

...bunch of other people that I really I could like pick five different top three. So yeah, but I would say that for today, but there are obviously other people. Alright, I like it. Um so you've been all, you've been all over the place like you had interviews with like sports illustrated and bleacher report and you've done um different kind of projects with like Nike so what has that whole experience been like knowing that you're like only 10 years old? Um It's kind of crazy sometimes, sometimes I just take a moment to step back and think about it and it's nuts. I mean just the fact that people have given me so many opportunities. I feel really fortunate to have that, but also like just the fact that I've been able to have a job attend, it's kind of crazy and I feel so fortunate to have parents who support me, friends who support me and people um out in the world of the people I want to cover like that they are supportive and they don't I don't get a lot of nose and I feel like I am really fortunate for that. So yeah, it's kind of crazy. Yeah.

So what, Alright so how do you how do you balance your I guess your your career in your school life? Um You know not all of it happens like every day I do a little bit of journalism every day. Obviously school comes first but I think it's not actually completely impossible to balance. I have a schedule which I try to um use and my parents are really helpful with that um Just having that balance. I think if it was ever too much for me, I would figure out a way to keep doing it less? Keep doing journalism less or um stop doing it, which at this rate I think I can actually keep going, which is super cool to me. Um But yeah, at this point um in fifth grade we don't get too much homework so I'm able to do some journalism and um the weekends I have sometimes um you know, yeah, it's it's not it's a challenge but it's not impossible. Yeah, for sure. And what what are your, what are your classmates...

...and like your teachers think about all this, it's kind of funny because they all really love it um and they think that I'm awesome and I'm like I'm trying to convince them that I'm not like world famous and like all the while they still think I'm really cool and I'm really lucky to have friends and teachers who are completely fine with me like sharing what I'm up to um at school and all that stuff, so yeah, they're super supportive of me, which I love. Yeah, that's awesome, I'm sure you could teach them a few things to. Um So I know you play, you play basketball, softball, soccer and you have a you're a black stripe and tight taekwondo and you play violin. So I'm gonna ask you like what's your favorite sport to play basketball and how do I know you're on, you're on a team right now? How's it, how's your, how's your team doing? Um we were just at a pretty big tournament. Um, so and we won two...

...of our four games, obviously somewhat disappointing, but um not completely terrible and it was my first grade tournament, so I personally um um super excited about that, but yeah, it was awesome. Yeah, for sure. And what about um like what advice would you give other kids trying to start um sports journalism or just get in front of the camera or interview other people or just anything? I would say that you can do it like it's not impossible and people will be like surprised at first when they hear it and they'll like double back, like I'll go and ask for my media past and people will be like, yeah, like, so they're gonna be times when people are gonna tell you know, but there will be a lot of times when people will tell you yes and sometimes I'll tell you yes because you're cute and they think that people will like to see you there, but you also, every time you're in the space you have to prove to people that you know what you're talking about and they are not just that cute face there.

Um So I would say, yeah, that's my advice, but you can absolutely do it and you can handle it and it's really important to find people who believe that as well. Yeah, definitely. What, yeah, what have been some like roadblocks? You being 10? I know sometimes probably you can't Maybe even be allowed in places because you have to be like 18 or something like that. Like what has happened like yeah, sometimes they're bedtime challenges. Um, sometimes, you know, it's like a school night like stuff like that. Um, so obviously there's a little bit of a struggle with me before having not been fully vaccinated, but I am now as of yesterday, which is super exciting. Um, so there's that, I mean, I don't know, sometimes people are just like, oh, a 10 year old and like they'll choose not to call on me and then they'll be like, they'll have to call me because like there's not that many people there and they'll, and they'll realize that I know what I'm talking about, but um, in the women's basketball and women's sports world in general, there are a lot of people who...

...think what I'm doing is awesome. And I'm really lucky. I think I'm really lucky. I know you mentioned dish with Pepper, but you also have another podcast the next she got Next. So tell me a little bit about that. Yeah, so she got Next is my podcast for the next, which is a website that um, covers women's basketball and channel to howard Magdala who asked me if I would want to be a part of the next, um, I've written a couple of articles for the website and I have my weekly podcast. So yeah, I was super amazed to have the opportunity to, I have my podcast and get paid to do it. So shoutout to Howard. Yeah, that's awesome. Is it, is it weekly or bi weekly? Nice. Nice. How did you get the nickname? Pepper? So before I was born, my dad was convinced I was going to be a girl and he loved the name Pepper from marvel's pepper Potts. Um, and from a character, I think a policewoman. Um,...

...so yeah, he was um, convinced I was going to be a girl and wanted to call me Pepper and my mom didn't really like it, but she caught on and now, um, I was like Pepper, that's a cool name for a journalist. So I went with that and now everybody basically called me Pepper. Um and what's your, what's your like short term goals? Like say your goals for like 2022 then what's like your long term goal? Like what's your ultimately dream? Um, So for 2022, a I want to be still a journalist. I want to continue to do that. Um, 3/6 grade. Um, I want to definitely continue both of my podcasts and my job. I want to do another clippers, kids cast, which I did this year and that was awesome to be able to call an NBA game and maybe call W. N. B. A game? Um That's like basically my long term goals to be able to do that.

Um But you know, I would say just to be able to continue to have amazing opportunities, maybe do something else with Nike. Um definitely the clippers kids cast. So I would say that would be my short term goal and then for long term, I mean my dream is to play in the W. N. B. A. And has been for a pretty long time. But after I retire I would love to continue my journalism and um have my own show on ESPN and called W NBA games. All right, I love that. Um Are you ready? Are you ready for some fun questions? Yes, I am. I was born ready. I I mean I hope I'm ready. Alright. What's your top three dream interviews? Um I would say Serena Williams because she's just amazing and a goat. Um I would say you're a Shahidi because I think she's super cool and she's paving the way. Um Who else? I would say. Maybe. Yeah, Also Zendaya.

So those are my yeah, those are my top three dream interviews. Also actually also Kamala Harris that I'm done now. Alright. I like that. Um What do you what do you like to do in your free time? Um I like to read and watch tv um I I like to dance and listen to music. Um I'm also a really big marvel fan. so I'm probably watching the latest marvel show or movie um My free time as well. Yeah. Oh did you see the new Spiderman? Yeah I actually saw it yesterday in theaters. It was crazy. Like really good. Yeah I liked it. I didn't like it. That is your reaction. Um And then uh what's like what's your favorite food? I would say. Sushi. I could eat that.

Really? That's interesting. What's your favorite sushi roll? Um I just like cucumber but pretty quiet but it's really good. Alright well I appreciate you coming on and um could you let the listeners know where they can follow you at? Yeah so on instagram I'm at pepper Pursley on twitter at team personally. Um On Youtube um dish with pepper and on facebook. Also a dish with pepper. So that's where you can find me. Yeah and on my instagram page I have a link tree with a lot of the stuff that I do so you can check that out too.

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