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Savannah Marshall | Average to Savage EP78


This is the seventy-eighth episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring boxer Savannah Marshall. Paul Guarino talked with Savannah Marshall discussing how she got into boxing, her Olympic journey, and her goals for the future. Follow Savannah Marshall https://www.instagram.com/SavMarshall1 Powered by CBD for Life Use the code Savage20 for 20% off at https://www.cbdforlife.us

This is the average to savage podcast with Paul Goreno, everyone in anyone, athletes, so ebbs and much more. Today's episode is powered by CBD for life. Whichever CBD products you need and want, CBD for life has him from rubs to oils. I personally use the products from CBD for life and I love them. Check them out at CBD for Life Dot us. Use a Promo Code savage twenty four, twenty percent off your purchase. Again, that's CBD for Life Dot us. So, everybody, I'm back for another episode of the average savage podcast. Our special guests today is professional boxers Savannah Marshall Savanna. How's it going? I'm good. Thanks, I'm really well. I am. I'm on it to be on your podcast. It's me fest a US podcast. Yeah, appreciate yeah, so it's just jump right into how did you get into boxing? And Start Boxing when I was eleven years old and I've always been spot if I was like netball and football. So the main meason why I start is because a few bodys from my estates where I lived us to box and I remember and I remember them show made the Troll Fhas and medals. What did one and I remember getting a bit jealous and thing, and I want to win a medal, I want to win a trophy. So that initially was the first raising my start a boxing to w I'm A. Yeah, I know you kind of mentioned but was there any other sports that you play grown up? Yeah, yeah, I like I like football. I I said netball just I was I was dead. I was a dead spoty kid to be fair, and just did a little bit of everything, but wasn't anything that draw I absolutely loved, like I loved spot a boxing. All right, this might be a funny question you. I think I know when netball is, but what is netball? So it's a bit like basketball. Okay, well, the Samale version. Let's that balls like a female men can play, but it's more of a...

...female but as Sam a version of basketball, but similar. Got A goat. Got It. And then going back, who inspired you to start like training for the Olympics? So I festart when I was eleven and before I knew where I was sixteen and I was winning European Championships, I was winning British championships and then when I got to the age of eighteen, I want to silver in the senior world championships and I think at that point that was when I thought, you know what, I'm not too bad at this, I'm all right. So at that point I was on team JB, the Olympic squad, and we were trained at the worlds London Two Thousand and twelve. So in between that time I became world champion Aur cares in the world the well championships, which qualified me for the Olympic Games, and so it was all gone well and, to be fair, at the time I had, I just said, twenty one and then, to be honest, that all the pressure. I was a favorite for the gold and all the pressure got a bit much to me and I kind of kind of bottled it a little bit and then I got beat in the quarter finals. So I just missed out on a level. Yeah, what was your overall experience like at the Olympics? Just like their hemisphere and stuff like that? In London two thousand twelves, like I said, the pressure got to being much too much. I didn't enjoy it and although it was a home games, I just couldn't wait to get home and which really really spoiler for me. But the whole atmosphere, a training with different spots. I think I remembered me and I met you saying bald in the village. It was just it was just overwhelming. Lely, and then in a two thousand and sixteen games and you feel my more comfortable. Yeah, so coming up for the two Thou Sixteen Games, I decided to stay for obviously real. So I did the under...

...the four yes cycle and but then four years was a top to four years. So they I got numerous injuries. I had four years. I had four operations, two on the end, one on the shoulder, one on the elbow. So it was a really rough for years. But Anyway I managed to qualify. I got another meddle in the world championships. So I qualified for real and it was kind of I enjoyed it lords more than two thousand and twelve. I really soaked off part really enjoyed experience. But yeah, again I got to the quart finals and I just missed out on a medal. So and then that was the end of the amateur career. I medals in every tournament well as Europeans Commonwealth Games, apart from the Olympic Games, which really and essence is the only medal that's really worth anything. Yeah, and I know it's always getting brought up in you're the only one to BEA cloris a shields and I know. When do you think you'll fight here as a pro? I think that's that fight is hundred percent. Will Happen next year. Okay, a hundred percent. It's in female box and specially professional there's not that many women about. So I will pass. Will Cross. I'm modern confident at the will are you going to? You think you're find a super middle weight or middle weight. And so at the moment I'm at Super Middle Yeah, I'm hoping get a well title shot next year and then I'd like to move down in middle weight. I don't think I will come souper. Well, I'd give it a try, but I don't think I'm too big for so, Paul well, a sort of laughter. Be middleware. Yeah, yea. And then going, going when you turn pro, and I know you signed with form or these promotions. How did that come about? So after you're and just totally had enough. I was twenty six years old. I'm sorry, I was twenty five. I totally had enough of amateur box and so I was ready to retire all together. I've...

...never been interested in professional box and never really watched it. And then I got a phone call from there with a promotions express, an interesting aside and me. So I just thought why, what opportunity it was to move to America, moved to the states, training Las Vegas, live in Las Vegas. I thought, Joe, that's that's an opportunity that I can't I can't give up. So that's why I turned over. Wait, that's crazy. So what were you going to do if you if you didn't pursue professional boxing? And I've got the interests. I'm quite like academic. So I wanted to go back to I wanted to go university and do things like that. Me To have I have other things going on in me life that, George, doesn't involve boxing. So at the time, boxing brought me so much havoc ton was something that I didn't really need anymore, if you understand. Yeah, so, but when I got an opportunity like that, thought our camp, camp, I can't pass that up. Yeah, yeah, it's crazy. I don't even know that. And then, so your first fight was on the May weather McGregor card, which obviously was a huge card. What was that like? Yeah, I think. I think there was something like sixteen. I think there was a sixteenzero people, but actual whin. Yeah, so that was why. That was just crazy. But I was just so grateful for the Subachroney that I just are. It was just amazing. I talked up everything. It was just an amazing experience and I don't think anything of ever top boxing on that belt in Las Vegas. Yeah, what about when you came over to America? Did you have any like culture shock, like living here? And No, not really, to be honest.

That was the biggest thing. I have solutely love living in America. A trend in the maid weather gym. Mac I ever got a new coaches for ee Samad, who is now Danny Jacobs head coach. He really looked after me and and it was just the start of, in my ed start of a new life. And then ran random question, since it was the May weather McGregor, if I would you ever fight in an MMA match? I'd love to. I'd love to give it a god, yeah, and I'd love to. I'd love to give him a mare. Or the only thing that put me off, as at the the highest where class for women is sixty six Kalor and that's Joe. That's that's far, far out of my reach. So it's not really I'm the type of person, if I'm going to do something, I want to give up me all I don't really like. I would never really do something just to be half hat and just don't wish for a hobby, if you know what I mean. Yeah, we're about you give me like a rundown and work like a training camp. Books like. So training come consist of to be honest, because I've box since I was eleven. I've been full time since I was seventeen year old's all I've done since I was seven ames box. So really I'm never really out of camp. I'm always taken. All of them are was. I enjoy the training so so I'm not one of these fighters where the box and then have months off. I'm not like that. So for me, I spar. The weekly routine would be a spar three times a week and I do strength three times a week, Cardi or three times a week. But it's mainly the spars made of spams the most important. It's an important that I get three good spars of a week. Who you trained without this also I race in so I recently come back to the UK. So at the...

...minute I suld my coach in the Kay. Was Pete a few you right. Certainly world doesn't know. He was Tyson furies, farmer coach and easy uncle. So tram with P at now and then at the ministers here, we feel right, which is peters son and he's a top heavyweight at the minute. So and there's there's only mean Peter. It a sorry made. Here. We in the gym, which is a good thing for me because I get more time, more time on the pads, except where. But yet it's a quite gym and it works. God, you got, and I know you're eating. No next, and I mean you're eight no now. Sorry, and you just had your last flight October ten. You had a tk on the third round. So can crats on that. And what's next? Three? So I'm in and I'm I'm trying to push for a web title shot next which hopefully being the new year. And so that's what I'm Hore at. What I'm pushing for, obviously the four belts. In four belts of Split over three different women. There's a Swedish girlows the world champion until American girls. MMM, so avare evil one of them? I'm more than happy to fight, more than confident. Yeah, I got it. What promotion are you with now? So the minute I'm with Mat Room and the show. The fights got shown on the zone and in America. Yep, but mushroom, Ma troom with no yeah. So you definitely got a big fight soon now, natural matroom got everybody now. Yeah, they I've got a lot of fighters. And then what it will about? What do you think about the growth of women's boxing like in the past couple of years? I think that it's grown a lot's gone a hell of a lot Bot and it's still a far, far cry away from mail boxing. What...

...do you think you could do to help it grow? And I think I've just got to pay keep pushing again on the then big show shown everyone what I'm capable of showing everyone, that women, that women can, you know, box just as well as men. Really. Yeah, for sure. And what advice would you give upandcoming boxer? And I just said just sticking but you've got to enjoy it. It's the same as anything. Unlike I, you don't enjoy it, there's no point in doing it, because you're not going to get nor satisfaction out of it. I think that's where I've been quite lucky in the fact that I love training. There's nothing about boxing that at don't just like path from losing. But Yeah, you've just got to enjoy it. Just find something in like that you enjoy your doing. You know, it's just a blessing. Where do you get the motivation to do it? And at the minute I think it's more I just keep reminding myself to have given my life to boxing. I box since I was eleven, eleven years old, so I don't want to leave the spot until I've got what I want, which is a world title, to be unified champion, and so that's what more of it's me got. Are you ready for some fun questions? are going to go from average to savage. God. What's your favorite Song Right now? and well, I really like sleetwood Mac, so it would be real and by the sly bad fleet would mark is that? It? Is that a British artist? No, it's a mix of British and American. It's a band. Okay, check it out. Old One. How did you how'd you get your nickname, the silent assassin. It comes from when, in the younger days, when I was on team JB, because I was so in I was a really bad in reverse.

I was so shy and quiet and whenever the press would come at always hide. I'd never had always give one wedding the views. So that's where we kind of come from. Yata, about who's your top five favorite boxers of all time, and I'm going to top five. I'll give you a top three. Mohammad Ali Y it, Mike Tyson and sugar ever Robinson. All right, what about if you were in a pro box or what do you think you'd be doing? And I'm quite in a like property, in the developments and things like that, so probably something in the property wells, maybe, maybe like an architect or something like that. Okay, so I know you said you mentioned like would you ever want to go back to school, like college or Universal? Definitely, I think that's that's that's want to be first called after boxing. Yeah, June, and you want to study something like architecture? Yeah, something like that. Yeah, that's cool. And then what do you do when you're not draining like, what do you like to do in your free time? And I like to eat. I like to eat a lot foods. I shouldn't eight, but just I like to go. I like to go out with friends, and so just just socialize with friends and eating. Well, now I got to. Now I gotta ask you. What's your favorite what's your favorite meal post fight, pose fight, and it's just something quite at the minute I've stopped taking mate so to something car by, something like sweep tep fries, something like that. Way, did you stop being meet because of this Netflix show or something? Yes, Oh my everyone didn't say that. I heard it. This is like this is like the fourth time I heard it now in the past week. I don't even want to watch it now. To be honest, I...

...did. I did stop last year, and not just for a couple of months, and then I think a fight felt fus I just went all stuff it. I just drove to McDonald's got like a big Mac. Yeah, I've been off nt now for about two weeks and the reason I stopped just because, obviously this Netflix show. But that's got like a bit of a study on recovery, saying that you will cover quicker when you're when. Yeah, reason that I'm getting clogged up with facts from me so that's just a main reason why I give it a go. You GOTCHA. Yeah, I mean the only the only Botcher I see, well that I know of, that was promoting like vegan stuff, was Byron Jennings, the heavyweight. All right, Bryan briant jennings like that. Yeah, well, he's on it now. An't spots NIGGA. Oh yeah, he's a it doesn't make me. That's hilarious. I don't know. So, so you think I should watch it or no? Yeah, I think you should. I think you'd be shocked. I mean I remember watching a one when I went to college and there was something in the realms of you know, just processed food and stuff, and then like I was kind of grossed out and then I stopped like, you know, just for a couple days, but then. So I don't know how extreme this one but it sounds pretty extreme if everyone's I heard like four people say it now. Yeah, there is nothing like this day and edge, because the demands and nate so big. Really, how much as it is real nate? Join me, because I know that's the pump like took compressed full of water and stamoid. It's really what is it even purest. Yeah, definitely, definitely. Well, I appreciate you coming on and if you let the people know where they can follow you on social media. Yes, so I'm on twitter instagram. It's just subs marshal one. It's just both for each account. But if you want to follow follow me training. I'm going to hauling next week for training camp some good spaving. There might be some sites on there. But yeah, so that's me.

Social Media outlets. Do you have a you have a date for your next fight? No, not yet, not as if. Yes, I'm trying to get out for the end of the air but it looks on likely now. So hopefully the start the n maybe February. Okay, okay. Well, again, I appreciate you coming on and good luck in the future. I'll be keeping a track of your career. Yeah, thank you very much. Problem once again, this episode was powered by CBD for life. Check them out. It's CBD for Life Dot us and use a Promo Code savage twenty four twenty percent off your entire purchase CBD for Life Dot us. Check them out.

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